Task Force 47 Report – July 2020

Written Bydulac
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Welcome to July 2020’s Task Force 47 report! I got in there first, wahey! That hasn’t happened since REDACTED. Man, that was an awesome REDACTED. In any case, let’s get to the report, shall we?

• Total Sims: 16
• Sims with CO’s: 9
• Open Commands: 7

This month, things were kept ticking over. We saw an introduction of a new metric for tracking activity which was by and large well received, and by all indications, seems to be a positive thing for the sims in the Task Force. Numbers are on the up, reports are in with minimal fuss, and that makes me a very happy boy!

Now, onto our open commands.

• USS Arcadia (Odyssey Class)
• USS Centaurus (Galaxy Class)
• USS Harbinger (Luna Class)
• USS Hercules (Prometheus Class)
• USS Livingstone (Nebula Class)
• USS Schrodinger (Merian Class)
• USS Valiant (Defiant Class)

If you wish to apply for any of these commands, you can apply through the CO application form on the Obsidian Fleet site, found in the Join OF menu (please make sure you’re logged into the OF site when you do), or if you wish to simply discuss the possibility of taking one of these commands, or that of another class, you can either email me at [email protected] or hit me up on discord, which oftentimes is the faster method. If you wish to discuss it with both myself and the TFXO, then you can CC in [email protected]

Now, awards time. I am not awarding anyone the UoM for the month of July, as I have not been able to qualify anyone by every criteria I use with which to grade the award. However, that does not mean that there aren’t some damned good bits of work going on. So a massive well done to you all for picking up with a new metric and hitting the ground running, and not just because not a single person messaged me asking how to get a word count!

And that brings me to the close of this report. I hope everyone is safe and well, I hope you all enjoyed Obsidian Day, as ever my door is open if you need to talk and may Riker’s beard smile down upon you!