Saturday 1st August – Obsidian Day

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This Saturday is our fourth annual Obsidian Day and Obsidian Fleet’s 19th Birthday. We thought we would give you a little reminder of what is happening.

This event will start from 18:00 BST.

This is going to be our time to reflect and remember the amazing things this community has achieved on both a fleet and a simm level over the last year. And I for one can’t wait to celebrate.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Time (BST)Event NameHost
18:00Opening CeremonyJoint Fleet Command
18:30Timeline RevealKayim Falor, Academy Director
19:00Romulans and the evolving loreCam – Community Team
19:30What makes a characterPaul – USS Athena
20:00QuizMelody Jones – Merlin
20:30Obsidian Fleet Academy Night ClassKayim Falor, Academy Director
21:00Life On A StationRasado – Starbase 621
21:30Evolutionary: How Simming Has Changed Over the Years Oliver Lancaster, Task Force 47 Commanding Officer 
22:00Obsidian Day AwardsEhestri – JFC
22:30Metagaming, Yes And… & you: All You need to be a team simmerDeclan Ford, Task Force 29 Commanding Officer
23:00Q&A Fleet CouncilFleet Council
23:30Closing CeremonyJoint Fleet Command