Starship Missing – AGAIN?

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It has been reported that the USS Elysium has gone silent after leaving Cardassian Space and entering the VOID. They were due to report in once they cleared the Void but have not. Numerous contacts have been attempted to yet no avail. It should be noted that Starfleet appears to have a problem around Starships going missing. Maybe they should review their captains if they keep losing such expensive things in both lives and equipment?

Within Starfleet rumours swirl about dereliction of duty, mutiny and other crimes that may have been committed by the crew. And by the Commanding Officer, Captain Phoenix Lalor. Captain Lalor has been the focus of many articles over the years, all showing the ineptitude of this captain. From parties to her starship being stolen, Captain Lalor is considered by those within the halls of Starfleet, like a Female Version of Captain Kirk, whose crew manages to protect her by saving the day.

And it seems that there are people within Starfleet who obviously think the Captain needs saving, as the USS Atlantis C has been dispatched with retired Admiral Anje Zhukov on board. The Retired Admiral is now an ambassador and her niece Anje Brett is on the USS Elysium as the Chief Diplomatic Officer. It is also rumored that the Ambassador Zhukov is aiming for high political office, with her eye on the Presidential suite in the next elections. The Ambassador sees that putting the crew of the Elysium out of their misery by rescuing them and finally removing Captain Phoenix Lalor from command will assist with her election. Which, it most likely would.

We have also explored what exactly the Elysium’s mission was and what exactly the VOID is. It is an area surrounded by multiple nebulae and once inside, there is no light at all. Just tracking beacons.No warp allowed through the sector. It is a few days from the far side of known Cardassian space. Of course, the Cardassians have released a statement that they are not involved. The tracking gotten from Starfleet shows that it was also not a malfunction of the QSD, and that the Elysium sent the required transmission when it went to enter the VOID. The void has known temporal currents, and it is hoped that it did not run afoul of such a current. Over the past few years, the VOID has claimed many victims. The Starship USS Russia ,lost with all hands in 2385, the Cardassian Galor Vessel T’uik, again lost with all hands in 2387, several smaller civilian ships, a Federation Runabout the Miranda, lost with its science crew of Lieutenant Commander James Westin and Lieutenant Josephine Carlyle, who were both under orders from Starfleet to map and chart the VOID, two years ago in 2394. It does beg the question, why was yet another starship sent into that area of Space, who ordered it and why?

A source at Starfleet hinted that it has something to do with the mass transfer of Starfleet officers off the USS Elysium, to learn more read about it in our previous article. Commander Garrett Lovejoy has previously declined to comment, but it is going around that he had something to do with the orders as well. He is currently on leave after he overstepped his duties and removed the majority of the Elysium’s flight control team from the ship, mere hours before they left.

We will be continuing to explore this situation and make sure the people of the Federation are updated as soon as possible.

Lois Lane