Task Force 72 Report – July 2020

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Did I turn this on right? Oh man, first day and I’m doing a report… Okay good first impression.


Hello everyone, this is an interesting first report for me, and one that is coming on the backbone of a lot of support from the rest of the team. There are some changes here at 72 that we’ll talk about soon, but following the changes to the Task Force, the Mission Post Count system, and a few other things, I am happy to see the current state of Task Force 72. There have been some real solid showings this month, and frankly, it looks like there has been smooth sailing. I am extremely proud to be back with Task Force 72, and to see what you have all accomplished in my brief absence. I’ll try and keep this brief.


Task Force Updates

I feel I best get this one out of the way as quickly as possible. After an amazing tenure as part of the Command of Task Force 72, Admiral Harrington has stepped down as the Task Force Commanding Officer. I wanted to take this moment and thank him for everything that he has done in making this Task Force what it is. I would not be stepping into such a wonderful position if it wasn’t for his hard work, dedication, and strength of conviction. I myself would likely not be in a Command role without his guiding hand and friendship. I can recall many a late night discussing changes to this Task Force with you, laughing and joking about fun subplots, and watching as you helped shape this Task Force into one of the best in all Star Trek Simming. You deserve a long rest friend, and I am happy we are not losing you as a CO.

As for myself,  I only hope I can continue to show the leadership that previous TFCO’s have. I am stepping into some big shoes, with long shadows cast from those who came before me. I ask for your patience as I learn a few new tricks and get settled. The base of operations for TF72 will have to change, but what that looks like I am not yet sure. We will keep you apprised as we learn more. Commodore Saulitis, new as she is to her rank will be invaluable as time goes on and we continue to move forward. A special thank you to her for the crash course on everything.


Task Force Stats

Total Sims: 14

Sims with COs: 13

Open Commands: 1

Ships with Pending CO’s: 0


Open Commands

USS Rook (Luna Class)

Should you be interested in a Command here in  Task Force 72, please do not hesitate to reach out to myself (AloneDoughnut#1701) or my XO (Kristi#7833) and discuss with us.


Unit of Merit

This month I must admit, I deferred to the knowledge of my XO to help me choose. It was not easy, as people adapt to the new posting requirements and develop as crews, it will be harder and harder each month. I look forward to you all making this more challenging for me each month. But I’ll stop prattling on, this month’s winner is the crew of the USS Athena.

After taking some time to get to know the ship a little better, and read the stories, I originally started by just wanting to get posting numbers. Instead I was dragged into the great story being told, the way words weaved together, and what was supposed to be a 2 minute count of posts became a 45 minute spell of seeing where the crew has developed. Posts are of quality, and in a great abundance. You have truly brought forth the spirit of simming in Obsidian Fleet, and I feel you are more than deserving. Congratulations, and keep up the great work.


In Closing

The departure of Harrington will be hard on 72, but we are strong. I may have worn 47-Gold for the last few months, but 72 was my heart and soul for nearly 2 years. I am beyond proud to be coming back to you all, and to racing Lancaster to get posts out first. You’ll see, I’ll make a real splash come September 1st! There is going to be an adjustment period, but I hope to make it as painless as is possible, to smooth out the kinks and get everything as if the chair was never empty for a second. Again, large shoes and long shadows… I’ve rambled long enough though, thank you for your time, and I’ll see you all next month.

Now… where is the off button…



-Rear Admiral Minawara