Task Force 72 Report – August 2020

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Ha, first. Which, would not be possible if 72 didn’t have 100% on time reporting this month!

Gloating aside, I wanted to say the first month has been a busy one. We have established a new station (http://roguegaming.net/taskforce72), Esquimalt Station, which will be Task Force 72’s new jump off point. It will also be available for resupply and mission coordination, should you need it!

I would also be remiss if I failed to mention that Athena turned a year old this month. Happy Birthday! There will be cake aboard Esquimalt as well as tea for those interested. There would be coffee, but SFO failed to provide us with any. We did receive several party hats with fake Riker Beards attached, so that’s been fun.

The Office of Personnel Management has issued the reminders to all Commanding Officers

  1. “Your request for leave was denied.” It appears that this was sent as a mistake, as there is an attached spreadsheet, but it was just used to do a very impressive rendition of a Admiral Sepandiyar as a clown. It is clear someone has too much time on their hands. 
  2. The part in your forms that is used for reporting your crew’s productivity, the SPM, is the total number of words written by your crew for that month, divided by 500, the length of a standard post. Please post this number to the report, as it will make it easier on our office Admins, who end up retotalling numbers by themselves. They don’t like math much either. 

I have been spot checking all the ships as time has gone on. No, that is not a ghost, or a crew member messing around in the Jefferies tubes. What you have been hearing is the PaDD I strapped to a single hover lift and have been piloting around your ship. Due to its sheer size, the Elysium took the longest – which is to say, I lost my drone. If anyone finds it, please give it a good home and tell it it did good. If it is playing the wedding march though, you are to immediately space it and pay it no heed as it begs for mercy. Those are security protocols and not the early signs of sentience. During my spying observations, I have been overall impressed with the quality of the writing I am seeing in 72. We are sitting at a Task Force average of 3.43 posts, per player, which puts us above the bar. The stories you and your crews have been creating have been truly wonderful, and I am beyond proud to assume the leadership role for a team as truly wonderful as all of you.

Arrivals and Departures

We have no new Captain’s taking the centre chair this month, but we are saying goodbye to one. 

Commander Soraya Rezvani has pulled the Triton into spacedock, where she will undergo her decommissioning. While we are sad to see her go, I wanted to say to the crew, should you need any assistance in relocation, you may always reach out to me. We wish the Commander luck in his future endeavours and remind him that 72 will always have a home for him, should circumstances allow.


Our current numbers: 

Active Sims: 9

RIO: 2 (One will be coming off in September)

Total Posts (SPM): 355

Average Posts per Player: 3.43


A note here, I will no longer be showing “Open Commands”. I do not want to shoehorn you into choosing just one of the ships we have, but if you are interested in commanding a ship, reach out to us and we will find you the right ship! 

Of that same vein, I want to celebrate our team and their great work, so I have added the total number of posts we have generated under the new rules (number of total words, divided by 500 for a single post), as well as the average posts per player. This will only take into account Active sims, so brand new CO’s don’t feel too pressured. The real stars of this month were Andromeda (5.37 post/player) and Athena (8.5 posts/player). 

Unit of Merit

This was the hardest part for me as a TGCO, a TFXO and now as a TFCO. My entire Task Force is filled with amazing writers, crews, and stories. I had to sit and really think through this month, and spend time reading, until the late hours of the night. It was not easy, but I feel I’ve finally narrowed it down.

When I approached Commander Saulitis about it, we had separately come to the same conclusion, and picked the same crew deserving of the award. This crew saw a 62% increase in their posting numbers, which in of itself is amazing, but furthermore continued to write engaging and exciting stories along with it. They occupied a great deal of my time with following beautifully crafted stories back several months. This month’s Unit of Merit is going to the USS Andromeda. 

Captain Jonathan Reynolds and his team deserve praise and celebration. They have worked real hard to get the numbers they have, technically having the highest number of posts this month in the entire Task Force. As I mentioned above, I was lost, to the annoyance of my better half at 1 am, in a story chain from the crew, watching the developing plot. I cannot wait to see it’s conclusion be realized. 


This has been a rough month, with the loss of RADM Harrington, there was a shakeup that took some time to get used to. We are starting to run smoothly, with the sims beginning to run smooth, and I am starting to feel like this chair fits the curve of my back just right. Or maybe I need to see a chiropractor… Regardless, this transition could not have been as smooth as it was without this team being amazing. All of you have been wonderful, and I hope you continue to keep up the amazing work. 

Should you have questions or concerns, you may reach me via email at [email protected], or should you need Commodore Saulitis, she can be reached via [email protected]. Thank you all, and safe simming.