FNN BREAKING: USS Tesla rescues stranded Marines

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Commander Gabriel Reyes, and the brave men and women of the USS Tesla, have successfully performed the emergency evacuation of Starfleet’s elite Hazardous Area Response Team or H.A.R.T for short.

After a rapid evac from the Badlands region of the quadrant, the USS Tesla has returned to Starbase Gibraltar for emergency repairs and upgrades. This FNN reporter caught up Colonel Borst, Commanding Officer of the HART detachment stationed on Gibraltar, who gave the following statement.

“We are pleased that the USS Tesla has provided emergency evacuation of HART Unit 3 from the Badlands region. The crash of the Marine shuttle was due to an emergency power outage and travel remains safe throughout the quadrant.”

This reporter pressed the Colonel further for the reasons behind the crash. He added.

“The USS Tesla has performed exemplary in its duties and the USS Carson has been dispatched to ensure all Starfleet equipment is salvaged. That is all I have to add at this time.”

In other news, Cretacia Prime has once again made the headlines with the controversial Starfleet and Federation backed genetic experiments. The FNN has repeatedly asked the Federation Council and Starfleet for someone to comment but no one was made available.

This is reporter Rick Astley with the Federation News Network signing off.