Task Force 29 Report – September 2020

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The wind blows and the temperatures drop here in the north eastern US. October is upon us and that means leaves changing color, pumpkin spice in my coffee, and apple cider in my donuts. This is by far my favorite of the seasons. The 29ers have been toiling away giving you stories from all of our yesterdays. These unique sims have so much to offer have a look at the different times and places that we cover and see if you would like to join up. We are always on the lookout for new sim concepts, in fact Task Force 29 is on a recruitment drive, so if you are interested please get in touch. Task Force 29 is a unique simming hub, we a lot of niche and specialty sims so please have a look at what we have to offer. Join a sim or dare I say take the leap into time itself and take a command, but we will have more on that later in the report. That is enough of my blather. So without any gilding the lily and no further ado I give you the state of 29…

Task Force Update

This month shows our ships in various states. Their stories continue to amaze this reader. For those following at home here is a brief update on the 29ers. Our first stop will be with our newest ship the USS Sovereign. The Sovereign remains in dock as her crew boards. Once Captain Terim has a full crew the ship will launch and usher in a new era of Starfleet exploration during a tumultuous time.

Our next stop is with the Atlantis NX-05, and they are still lost. (jk) At times when I read the stories of the Atlantis I am reminded of a psychological thriller with the way this crew reacts. The hope, the loneliness, the fear is all there in abundance. Really great stuff. The Atlantis is on course back to Earth but the Vrav is hot on their tail. Will they make it? As the Atlantis’ CO states “Atlantis’ crew is really coming together to tell stories that neither Enterprise or Voyager could or did.” Indeed they are and I can’t wait to see what is next.

Next we join Starfleet Academy on Earth. This sim has an interesting format as writers navigate their way through the years at the Academy and complete course work. Currently the Cadets of Alpha Squadron are ordered to pack and bug out. They have a mission… So often we see the crews of Starfleet saving the galaxy time and time again. It is refreshing to see where these officers come from and how the Academy can mold them. Well done!

Last but not least we join the Artemis NX-14 and the Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit. The ship remains docked at Starbase 104 as the rest of her crew comes together. Meanwhile Captain Kidd and Admiral Ford are briefed about a visit from the newly elected Federation President. This meeting begins the Artemis’ first mission titled “Patriot Games”. Can the crew catch an assassin before the Federation President is executed? Only time will tell.

There is also some great news to report. We would like to welcome Niyahra Riohn as they command the California Class USS Loki in the newest sim to join Task Force 29. The main arc of this sim is a rebellion of sorts. The Dominion has won the war and now what used to be the Federation has to make its way. The intrepid crew of the Loki will lead the charge in rising against the Dominion.

I am also proud to report that Task Force 29 has a CO in the Academy. It is our hope to have this new CO and their sim revealed to you all within the next month or so. So stay tuned for another great simming opportunity.

Task Force Open Positions

USS Sovereign
Executive Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Intelligence Officer

USS Loki
Ship’s Physician

Starfleet Academy
Chief Medical Officer

Atlantis NX-05
Assistant Chief Engineer
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Chief of the Boat
Armoury Officers
Engineering Officer

Artemis NX-14
Chief Helmsman
Chief Communications Officer
Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Science Officer
Judge Advocate General
Forensic Anthropologist

Task Force Stats

Total Simms: 12

Ships with CO’s: 5

Ships with Pending CO’s: 1

Open Commands: 6

If you are interested in a command within Task Group 29 please contact me at [email protected] or on Discord (Hadir Prenar #1445), I would be happy to discuss your sim concept and how we can fit it into the Task Group at large.

What if you could travel to parallel worlds or other timelines? The same year, the same Federation, only different dimensions. A galaxy where the Klingons have taken over the Federation… or where your dreams of making peace with the Romulans… or where Vulcan was a maximum-security prison. There is a gateway, its Task Force 29. Now the question is do you have what it takes to step through.

Unit Of Merit

With the great stories coming out of all the sims in the Task Force this month and the ever changing scope of the Task Force. I could not chose a UOM for September. Keep up the great work and here is to next month.

In Closing

“Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.” As always I would like to remind all of the COs out there that they can have a second command, if that command is in Task Force 29. Just something to think about. As to the rest of the fleet I encourage you to take a look at the sims in this Task Force an join a sim that will give you something completely different. Until next month Stay Out Of The Space Time Continuum!

Until Next Month

Let us keep searching because I am sure that there is coffee in that nebula


May Janeway watch over us and protect us all…

Until Then

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