An exciting discovery

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I’m here, standing on the observation deck of the USS Devils Brew looking out over the vastness of interstellar space, in the distance is a black hole. We have been told that this singularity is special. It is home to multiple creatures native to the void of space, they seem to be feeding from the black hole; the hawking radiation and superluminal gas jets are their food of choice.

While the discovery has been credited to the crew of the USS Eagle, a Sabre class light cruiser it will be the Devils Brew that will continue the investigation. Due to the gravity of the singularity sensor readings have been distorted, it took a specially reinforced unmanned shuttle to act as a relay to get the readings in the first place. But with the powerful sensors of the Akira Class, USS Devils Brew, new, clearer data are already coming into the science labs.

Now, the creatures are the real interest here. Not only do their appear to feed on materials that would melt the hull of a starship but they are also defying gravity. Their means of propulsion is unknown but again whatever it is those creatures are able to swim through the intense and deadly gravity of a massive black hole. We are being told that several probes are being designed by the engineers that will allow the science department to get the clearest readings to date. I am excited, I am being allowed to watch all of this unfold, a great discovery. I will send further reports as we start getting more information.

– Kate Harris, Star Fleet Correspondent FNS