Character Spotlight : S’hib

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Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Position: Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical – USS Elysium

Gender: Male

Race : Sequus

Age: 23

Character Quote: I hate these clothes…

When you first meet Lieutenant Commander S’hib the ships Assistant chief Security Officer, you have to take a moment. A moment to wonder how, just how, does a 7f 6 inch bipedal equine end up on the USS Elysium. Quite simple really. We wanted the best. In 2395 S’hib became one of the first of his race to join Starfleet, Though as much as he was proud of the uniform he now wore, he still detested wearing it alongside other clothing. He joined our ship full of youth and vigor… that has not changed.

S’hib is a Bipedal Mammalian equine, He is slender but muscular, able to lift a surprising amount despite his otherwise effeminate physique. The Sequus have been described by Starfleet officers although standing on two legs, Resembling closely with earth Equine populations, Though somehow at the same time completely alien. Both sexes are noted as having long muscular legs which are similar in appearance to the hind legs of an earth horse, this also includes large hooves at the end of each extremity. Their hands are four-fingered and evolved to be just as dexterous as other sentient humanoid species. Males within the race are known to be broader and physically larger compared to their female counterparts, but only by a small margin, Whereas the females have less pronounced and more rounded features, typically having a shorter nasal bone and overall shorter length to their skull. Skin and overall hair colours and pattern can vary greatly from each individual Sequus to the point it is used as a form of universal identification similar to how every human fingerprint is unique, the hair length can also vary greatly depending from which hemisphere and climate an individual has originated from – however, majority of the planet is tropical to some degree.

The Sequus also possess long flowing tails and thick manes that run down the ridge of their back, sometimes connecting to the tail hair with some individuals. Both manes and tails are usually tied up in an ornate fashion, using jewellery or a patterned fabric to express themselves. Like all Sequellians, S’hib is covered from Hoof to brow in thick but very short hair, for which he is mostly greyish white with the occasional pure white splotch in various locations over his body, His long thick white mane is kept tied up in a neat braid with various ornamental silver cuffs, And his whitetail is tied up into a small knot so as not to get in the way of any duties he might have While not on duty he usually wears a small light wrap around his waist, similar to earth like kilts. As it is the least amount of clothing he can get away with.

S’hib is a rather awkward person, his life growing up away from his own people has left him in a somewhat strange place, neither fully adjusted to Starfleet life, nor able to understand the nuances of social interaction between humans, everything for him is far more complicated than it should be. His own people and their culture have left them woefully unable to adapt to life off-world. He finds clothing to be very restricting and unnecessary but understands very few cultures see them the same way as the Sequus do. As with many things, The Sequus do them rather differently. Enjoying various types of music as well as a flair for cooking S’hib spends the majority of his time not on shift hiding away in his quarters, a place he can stop pretending and doesn’t have to over analyse every situation so as not to cause upset. S’hib also enjoys playing on his guitar and singing though usually in private.

OOC Wise, the player of Lieutenant Commander S’hib interacts with everyone he can, and is often showing up in joint posts with players where you least expect him. In our Mirror universe mission, he took the bit between his teeth with his Mirror Verse character and really tortured the Captain. We enjoy him so much, we needed to share him with the rest of the fleet! S’hib, our ship changed for the better the day you joined our crew!