End Of Year Nominations – Executive Officer

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Gary Taylor – USS Elysium

“Jeff plays Commander Gary Taylor on the USS Elysium. He is one of my longest serving team members since his joining the sim in early March 2017. He is, to my mind, one of the driving forces behind the Elysium’s success and drive. He has taken on dual roles IC which has helped the game grow. He encourages players to create joint posts, include new players and not so new players. He is a wonderful sounding board and that is both IN Character and OUT of character, though IC he is very stubborn around CO’s and away missions. A long time simmer he has the experience to be captain and I am honored to have him as my Executive Officer. This year his character has taken on the role of uncle to his mirror’s son and has finally gotten married to his long time love Aurelia Holmes. I hope he sticks around for many more years!”

Jake Ford – SS Mary Rose

Jake took on the role of being Rosie’s XO half way through the year and has taken on his responsibilities with pride while being open to change and discussion. Being an XO on a Civilian vessel isn’t easy and we always knew it would be a tough position to fill and maintain but Paul really has strived to do his best while keeping a good attitude both in character and out of character. He keeps the CO in check and is always more than willing to scrub in despite his other fleet duties. Truly everyone should have an XO like Paul.