Task Force 29 Report – February 2021

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So it looks like I get the jump on my esteemed colleagues in 47 & 72. Now I need to make a habit of it lol. February has brought us love on Valentines Day as well as some harsh weather for those of us who are like me and living in the north eastern United States. It also showed an up swing across the fleet, this is something that I take as a good sign. Perhaps the worst is now behind us. It can also be said that Khitomer helped with this return as well. The Conference was a huge success with the transcripts now available online at Khitomer Conference 2021 I truly believe that it has gotten a lot of the creativity going again, and I would like to thanks everyone who was involved in its running. The year is still young and I hope that this influx of creative energy can push us through the year, as we collectively begin to return to life as it were.

But that is enough of my blather and my waxing philosophical. So without any gilding the lily and no further ado I give you the state of 29…

Task Force Update

As I said above the month of February saw a return to the creativity and hobby that we all love. This is reflected in the story and posts that are coming out across the fleet, and especially in Task Force 29. The Artemis begins an investigation into the assassination attempt of the Federation President, in a story that is a cross between Law & Order and Star Trek. Still far from home the Atlantis has discovered a ship adrift in space. Is this a life raft or something that is too good to be true. In a universe where the Dominion won the war and enslaved most people the small crew of a salvaged California Class starship decide to rebel, the USS Loki is born. Currently the crew is en route to the derelict ship and planning how to return the ship to operation without being caught. The USS Lexington is preparing to launch and head to parts unknown. Captain Steven Bond will lead his crew on the ship’s first five year mission. The crew boards the vessel and begins to get to know each other. The USS Defiant launched from the shipyards in orbit of New Vulcan. The ship heads to Starbase Arcadia to bring supplies for the station under construction. Upon arrival they find that there are some major issues with the colony below the station. The crew of the Defiant must solve the problem before the colony becomes unviable and the station obsolete before it is built.

These wonderful stories that take place in timeframes that we know relatively little about or specialize in an area that is hardly explored are just wonderful to read and is a highlight of my month. Have a look at the some of the great positions that are open throughout the Task Force and see if you have what it takes to be a 29er…

Task Force Open Positions

USS Defiant
Assistant Chief Science Officer
Navigation/Astrometrics Officer (Helm/Science hybrid position)
Assistant Chief Medical Officer

USS Lexington
Chief Flight Control
Chief Operations
Chief Engineer
Chief Science
Chief Diplomat

Artemis NX-14
Chief Helmsman
Chief Communications
Chief Engineer
Chief Science
Judge Advocate General

USS Loki
Mercenary Leader

Atlantis NX-05
Asst Chief Engineer
Asst Chief Medical Officer
Chief of the Boat
Armoury Officers
Engineering Officer

If you have any questions or comments about Task Force 29 do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] or on Discord (Hadir Prenar #1445), I would be happy to discuss anything that you may need.

What if you could travel to parallel worlds or other timelines? The same year, the same Federation, only different dimensions. A galaxy where the Klingons have taken over the Federation… or where your dreams of making peace with the Romulans… or where Vulcan was a maximum-security prison. There is a gateway, its Task Force 29. Now the question is do you have what it takes to step through.

Unit Of Merit

Task Force 29 does not have a Unit of Merit for February. With the Lexington just getting started, the Defiant returning and the Loki getting back to what they do best we will have to see what great things these sims can come up with for next month. I have the strong feeling that we will have one for March so stay tuned.

In Closing

“Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.” As March arrives in the northern hemisphere and the weather warms let us gather together outside and celebrate all that we are. Let us come together in true Star Trek fashion and celebrate infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

In my review of the sims I am enjoying all of the interesting and creative stories. It is worth mentioning that the sims of Task Force 29 are producing some really powerful stories. Not only are the stories interesting but the websites are visually stunning. Keep up the great work 29ers.

Until Next Month

Let us keep searching because I am sure that there is coffee in that nebula

May Janeway watch over us and protect us all…

Steady As She Goes