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Finnley Quinn Keating VII

Position: Chief Engineering Officer – USS Athena

Rank: Lieutenant

Gender Female

Species Human

Age 29

Keating comes from a long line of Starfleet officers, and so the cool-headed nature she displays may very well run in her bloodline. She isn’t easily thrown off task and is highly reliable. Used to unsolicited attention on account of her bombshell blonde looks, she isn’t one to tease others or mince words; instead she uses dry wit to diffuse awkward situations, her native language being sarcasm. While she’s a model officer and more than knows her way around the engine room, Keating hates being taken off task for minor issues and is nobody’s kiss up.

Although she doesn’t much like being in medical and isn’t keen on being read by telepaths, she’s efficient at work, a straight-shooter with people around her, and a pleasure to read in all her sarcastic glory. Keating can be found mostly in joint posts as she rounds out any pair or group of diverse characters with a good head on her shoulders and a bit of humor.

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