Lore and Technology Report, April 2021

Written Bydulac
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First, from your Lore & Tech team – Happy First Contact Day! Only 42 years to go!

In honor of First Contact Day we’ve gotten the lore for Vulcans completed and it is live in the OF database: Vulcans

We are working on a few more. Aranis has volunteered to write lore for El-Aurians and is well on the way. But we are looking for volunteers to pick up Betazoids and Trill. Anyone who would like to volunteer to help with those or write ups for others, please give me a shout in the OF discord #fleet-lore channel. That also goes for UFP government. Lore for that is well underway, lead by Phoenix Lalor.

Lastly, we should have two new ship classes soon. We are just waiting to see the specs coming out soon in the Official Starships Collection.

But after watching First Contact Day panels and announcements of all the new content coming out soon, I’m sure we’ll have LOTS more to add soon.

Cam, Mistress of Lore & Tech