Task Force 47 – March 2021 Report

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Hi, its your TFXO, Captain Phoenix Lalor, here this month, yeah isn’t it great? The boss is allowing me the pleasure of putting this report out! *loud bangs come from a nearby wardrobe*

Uh… so moving on and let’s not pay attention to that..

March 2021 was a slow month for all games across our TF, and with Easter at the end of it, people were preparing for that. So without further ado… our TF metrics:

Metrics currently stand at the following:

• Number of Active Sims: 7
• Number of Sims in Shakedown: 0
• Number of Players*: 67
• Number of Posts: 152.89
• Number of Posts Per Player*: 2.28
• Open Commands: 9

If you are interested in commanding one of our fine vessels.. *Coughs as she dusts off the nearest ship* MEMO TO ME: Must remember to get the Ensigns to dust more regularly.

Please contact either Ben or myself either via discord, or by emailing us at [email protected] and [email protected] respectively. 

  • USS Livingstone – Nebula Class
  • USS Harbinger – Luna Class
  • USS Centaurus – Galaxy Class
  • USS Valiant – Defiant Class
  • USS Schrodinger – Merian Class
  • USS Archimedes – Nova Class
  • USS Gladiator – Sovereign Class
  • USS Copernicus – Nova Class
  • USS Merlin – Excalibur Class
  • Marine Commanding Officer
  • Chief Science Officer
  • Chief Counsellor
  • Chief of Strategic Operations
  • Chief Intelligence Officer
  • Group Commander (Star Wing)
  • Chief Diplomatic Officer
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer

So this month, I get to announce the March Unit of Merit for TF 47. Yes I get to announce it! *Calmly finishes hammering nails into the wardrobe*

So, the unit of Merit for March 2021, for the 47 goes to… Captain Evan Yearling and the USS Hiroshima-B! Congratulations to Captain Yearling and his crew. They have been the silent assassins over the past few months, quietly working away, putting out great quality posts. They even had a post spotlight this month, if you have not yet read it, it is highly recommended! It can be found HERE!

In Conclusion:

I want to thank all members of the Task Force – the Ensigns, the XO’s the poor CMO’s forcing us into physicals, the unsung heroes of our games, the CREWS for their hard work and perseverance this month. While the world still faces the pandemic, it is great to see so many people coming together to enjoy our great stories! Have a great April, and remember: Chocolate can be frozen!

And now for our beloved Task Force Commanding officer:

Hadn't seen this Riker GIF before