To Boldly Roll, The (Mis)Adventures of the USS Potemkin Episode 6 Aftermath

Written Bydulac
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After repairs had been completed the Illiran Deep Space Freight, Antares jumped into warp. The big ship had a powerful engine and was easily able to maintain high warp 9 speeds and so, even though it was still many dozens of light years from home it would only take a week or so to reach its home port. The Starfleet ship had arrived at just the right time, any longer and the Captain feared he might have lost the ship completely, more than that all the ships access codes and Illiran procedures.

The Antares was now sat in one of the larger orbital repair facilities, not as fancy as the ones in the atmosphere but it was bigger, able to dock hundreds of ships at once. The vastness of the yards was what made Illiran a popular port for the Federation, Klingons and Romulans, they were a free port and could back up that claim if challenged.

A few days into their stay the perimeter defences detected and defeated a Borg Sphere, it had not tried to come in system and from all reports it had not even put up much of a fight, spending most of its energy transmitting a unidirectional message. When analysed it was nothing but white noise. The Captain of the Antares had only paid this much attention as it was the second Borg ship he had seen in as many weeks and he just did not believe in coincidences.

However, after the news services got bored of the story, he was not able to find any more information. But then there were the disappearances and his systems randomly shutting down with no cause before coming back online working as good as new, in some cases better than they had been before being damaged.

“We are the Borg; you will be activated when we are ready.”

The Captain awoke with a start, sitting up suddenly from a bad dream. He splashed his face with water and looked in the mirror, he wondered what his dream at been about. It had not been a night terror as such, more of a feeling of something being wrong. He shrugged to himself, dressed and headed for the bridge.