Sim Spotlight – NX05 Atlantis

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A search is still underway for the NX-05 Atlantis which should have travelled through the Delphic Expanse.

Search parties fear the Earth Starfleet ship, carrying 82 crew, was has been lost with all hands on board after not reaching Xindi or any of her checkpoints after September 7th 2165.

Vulcan authorities had the last known contact with it with an exchange of communication from Captain Leah Morgan and the Vulcan Vessel. Atlantis operates out of Starfleet’s newest deep space installation situated between Vulcan and Andoria: Space Outpost Three. Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites are all seeking the vessel due to the nature of her mission- Peace with the Xindi.

Earth Starfleet said the situation was “bizarre” as no distress signals or debris have been found. The ship has simply vanished.

Spokesman Bob Clarkson said: “Who would think that the ship would just disappear in one of most policed and concentrated parts of space at the moment? Something has certainly happened to the crew of the Atlantis but we just do not know what yet. We want to reassure all family members that we are doing all we can to find them and bring them home.”

The search continues.