Lore and Technology Report, July 2021

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For anyone who missed the new lore and tech unveiled at Obsidian Day (July 24, 2021), for tech we have two new ships (one of which has been much anticipated since Picard):

“Right now I’m on the bridge of the toughest, fastest, most powerful ship Starfleet ever put into service. And I got a fleet of them at my back.”

– William T. Riker, sitting in the big chair of the USS Zheng He

Inquiry Class Heavy Cruiser

The second is also from Picard, the class to which the USS ibn Majid belongs:

Curiosity Class Light Cruiser

For lore, we now have an entry for UFP Government (for which Lalor deserves most of the credit):

United Federation of Planets – Government

I hope you read through it all, but I want to highlight one particular detail:

” The President of the Federation is elected for 5 year terms. – This is a popular vote across Federation worlds and protectorates. The Election is held on the 7th of July of the last year of the Current President’s term. With the new president being sworn in on Federation Day.- 12th of August. The period of the ‘presidential campaign’ is from September to July of the last year of incumbents term.”

The current president’s term ends 2398, so — Red Alert Klaxon — we are entering campaign season!

This means there are opportunities for plots and subplots and side discussions surrounding the campaigns. This is of course completely optional, but if you do want to play in this part of the sandbox it opens the possibility for candidates visiting your simm to get those campaign pics with the troops or to stir up controversy to get press.

There is also an opportunity if anyone is interested to make a character as a candidate, write campaign speeches or scenes, and use them for guest appearances on simms. Note, there are at least two minor political parties listed that think Starfleet is going entirely the wrong way in its mission (of course they have opposite ideas of right and wrong way too) and you are welcome to come up with any others since undoubtedly the Federation has dozens and dozens.


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