Character Spotlight: Commander Sthilg

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Rank: Commander

Position: Chief Medical Officer

Race: Gorn

Age: 217

Character Quote: Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing

When you first see our Chief Medical officer, you can be forgiven for wanting to run the other way, after all, a Gorn is not normal on Starfleet vessels. But for the Elysium, having a Gorn as their CMO, is par for the course.

Sthilg was born on a remote outpost far from what could be called civilised space. Despite this had a rather pleasant life with his family until he was sixteen years old even being accepted as the colony’s healer’s apprentice. Two years after he took the position the federation exploration vessel Capetown crashed on the planet. Sthilg was part of the team that hiked into the mountains to recover the ship’s survivors and brought them back to the colony. Unfortunately, the crashed ship unearthed an unknown virus that began to sweep through the small colony killing most of the population. As the colony died around him he had to work with the cape towns doctor to complete a cure. The two did and the doctor left the young gorn with his medical alimace. After he finished his training he began travelling around selling his skills as a doctor. It wasn’t long before he was found on several war zones where he acquired a excellent reputation as a medical officer. During this time he found himself involved in the various war’s and skirmishes along the klingon border. During one of these, the klingon border fleet asked for a truce as their own medical officer was wounded. Offering his services he performed well and helped patch up the wounded klingons in an agreement that the empire would end hostilities with the natives. Impressed by his skills as a doctor and as a diplomat and as thanks for saving his children the fleet captain asked the gorn to become his ships, medical officer. The gorn liked his time in the empire performing so well on the ship with the high command even needing to double check the record given his warbird has such a low death count. With the outbreak of the war with Cardassia his warbird was transferred to the front. On both the ground and on starships the gorn earned a reputation as a brave warrior and healer. And as one war ended and the next began he found himself in the dominion war. Finding himself assigned to a joint medical team of all three allied forces. Here he learned even more and gained a reputation among the Romulan and federation doctors. With the end of the dominion war and with his contract with the KDF ending he applied for a commission in Starfleet. Lacking medical personnel after the war Starfleet accepted giving him a field commission.  Though he was slow to adjust to the federation ships way of life the gorn proved to be more than capable as a doctor and a surgeon by federation standards. Whilst working with the fleet he also completed the federation medical degrees as well as the officers course.

Out of Character, the player of our wonderful doctor engages with different players without there being a need for a medical exam 🙂 without him, we would be lost for sure! read his bio and his wonderful posts here!