Joint Fleet Command – August 2021 Report

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A report from JFC at the beginning of the month?

We planned to have something for July but you heard from us so much at beginning of the month we thought we would give you a bit of a time out from us but fear not we are back to let everyone know what we have been up to.

What have we been doing?

It occurred to us back in April that people see us around discord or when there are issues but really do not know what we get up to behind the scenes. We do not just plot world domination after all. Joking aside we do plotting but it’s sadly not about destroying anything and it’s more discussion and random thoughts when people are asleep so we surprise them when they wake up.

Last month after Obsidian Day we have been working hard with the Task Force CO’s to get the new format for Task Force 47 up and running. Might not seem like a lot but it’s a fundamental change to the fleet and we want to get it right the first time. Watch this space.

Fleet Council Vacancy

Director of Web Services

Programmer (noun.) – A person who fixed a problem you don’t know you have, in a way you don’t understand.

Do you crave the excitement of well-placed code? Are you a natural problem solver that has an aptitude for all things technological? If so, we’re looking for you!

Obsidian Fleet is looking for a technologically minded individual to take on the role of Director of Web Services. This job would handle all the day to day functions of maintaining the newly updated IFS-2 platform and developing IFS-3 from the ground up. This individual would be working hand in hand with du Lac and the Fleet Council to develop new web services for the Fleet. If you’ve got the drive to help make Obsidian Fleet a better place one line of code at a time then this is the job for you!

The Director of Web Services is a voting Fleet Council member. Do you think you have what it takes to handle this role? Sign up today. Email: [email protected]

Question and Answers

This is something we want to bring in after the success of it at Obsidian Day. If you have a question for the fleet council and do not want to ask it or do not know which member to go to please just pop it on the form and we will answer it in our report each month. So front the form and Obsidian Day.

  • States of all school courses

*We are assuming that this is around the Academy. If it is not then please reach out will correct it in a news item.

Academy is a work in progress. We took a system that was stagnant and really not designed for the future nor really working. With the last year or so it’s been hard but we are hoping to get back on that asap.

  • I think admin work in FC is sometimes invisible unless something is going wrong. what task do you regularly do that you think might be invisible to us?

Minaware – Reading – I read a lot of posts to make sure there are no issues I’ll have to keep an eye on. I also maintain a tracking system on the back end to make sure post counts are properly rewards (a lot of COs sell themselves short by the way, especially on larger positing months.)

Ehestri – I think my admin work that goes under the radar is reassurance and a little bit of kindness and or tough love. And it might seem silly but I take the fleet mama role seriously. I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently that I have had a few people come to me recently and feel inadequate or that they aren’t thriving compared to others. But every single person is important and thriving in their own way and if they really aren’t thriving I know who to nudge in FC or community as a whole to get things moving again.

  • Where do the new ships announced fit within the player handbook CO promotion Scale?

Until next month everyone. Happy Simming!

Sepandiyar, DuLac & Ehestri