Captain Carrington Killed in Action

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Captain Yasmine Carrington, recently promoted to Captain of the USS Elysium, has been killed in action. The Elysium was sent to a distant world near the Klingon Boarder .

In 2056, world war 3 had just ended and a number of violent factions had risen around the globe. One of these was led by Colonel Phillip Green, whose actions led to the death of some thirty-seven million people. His regime would eventually fall prior to 2063, but he had plans. He sent his most rabid followers into cryosleep. He had found a world light years away where Humans could settle and be safe from their enemies. His followers willingly went into cryo sleep and in 2059, the Sleeper ship Abraham was launched. And 150 souls were sent on a one way trip.

It took years for the ship to arrive in the distant part of the Alpha quadrant. Near what is now recognised as the Klingon Border, there is a small unclaimed part of space that the Klingons have never looked at, due to their early scans as showing no life at all.

The sleepers settled there, in 2195. There they built their new world. Now, almost 340 years after their left Earth, their leaders deem them ready to rejoin the Human race. They are sending communication pulses to Earth requesting updates from the ‘Optimum Empire’. The messages contained a fair amount of Green’s rhetoric and Concerned, Starfleet dispatched the Elysium to investigate.

Circumstances are still being investigated but it seems that these followers of Green attacked the Captain under a flag of peace and killed her and several of the crew of the USS Elysium. This attack was repulsed and several of the ship’s fighters were sent for reinforcements.

The end result of this conflict is, that the planet New Canaan is now under quarantine and several starships have been dispatched to the area for support.

A group of refugees have also been relocated to a planet within federation boarders where they are under the care of federation medical personnel. It is believed that more will follow from New Canaan to get away from the remnants of the Green Regime.

Commander Garrett Lovejoy is currently in command of the USS Elysium and is expected to be promoted to Captain within coming days. There is still no update on the location of their former captain, Phoenix Lalor, who is said to be under secure guard at New Zealand.