Joint Fleet Command – September 2021 Report

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What have we been doing?

Admiral Sepandiyar has been busy repainting his office for the third time, and mastering the latest update of PaDD Solitaire. He’s also steadily becoming a master at data PaDD Tetris – just look at the stack on his desk he’s been ignoring…

Ehrestri has barricaded herself into her office until the voices stop.

Admiral DuLac continues to divide his time at his seaside villa, and his fortress guarding the 9th circle of Hell with Fluffy. He continues to enjoy long walks on the beach and the agonizing screams of the damned.

In all seriousness. The JFC has been occupied most of the month with some pending refinement to the rules with the Fleet Council and the Task Force command staff among the usually day-to-day administration of the Fleet, the CO’s and its players.

As mentioned below, we could really used a Director of Web Services. There’s lots to do with IFS that we could use help with. Someone with that skillset (and the free time available) would be most welcomed.

As a reminder, the JFC’s door is always open if you have questions, concerns, or just want a friendly chat. We’d love to hear from you.

Fleet Council Vacancy

Director of Web Services

Programmer (noun.) – A person who fixed a problem you don’t know you have, in a way you don’t understand.

Do you crave the excitement of well-placed code? Are you a natural problem solver that has an aptitude for all things technological? If so, we’re looking for you!

Obsidian Fleet is looking for a technologically minded individual to take on the role of Director of Web Services. This job would handle all the day to day functions of maintaining the newly updated IFS-2 platform and developing IFS-3 from the ground up. This individual would be working hand in hand with du Lac and the Fleet Council to develop new web services for the Fleet. If you’ve got the drive to help make Obsidian Fleet a better place one line of code at a time then this is the job for you!

The Director of Web Services is a voting Fleet Council member. Do you think you have what it takes to handle this role? Sign up today. Email: [email protected]

Question and Answers

This is something we want to bring in after the success of it at Obsidian Day. If you have a question for the fleet council and do not want to ask it or do not know which member to go to please just pop it on the form and we will answer it in our report each month.

Are you at all concerned that since the last OF day the number of active Sims in the fleet seems to have declined?


I think we would be silly not to be concerned that the number of active simms in the Fleet has declined. We all want OF to be flush with vibrant, creative games. We want to see others having just as much fun as we are with our own simming.

But what defines an ‘Active’ simm? A game with a website, active players and a regular crop of posts within a defined minimum? Or a game with a website, a CO that appears at random and a manifest full of players who never participate?

Are we concerned for the numbers? Of course. But we feel strongly that the quality of a few well-maintained simms far outweighs the quantity aspect.

Until next month everyone. Happy Simming!

Sepandiyar, DuLac & Ehestri