Lore and Technology Report, Oct. 2021

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Since it’s Halloween, I thought I’d lead with this:

Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence

– Dr. Leonard McCoy

This month we’ve had some great spooky themes in OF, but there’s also been a lot of new Trek with the second season of Lower Decks and the start of Prodigy. There will undoubtedly be some lore bits from these, but both are more notable for shiny new ship classes: Parliament, Obena and Protostar.

So to answer the obvious questions, yes, we are working on adding Parliament and Obena, but no, Protostar is not on the list. There is a good reason for that as the show wiki hints that it is an experimental vessel, one that disappeared into the Delta Quadrant, so there is every reason to believe (at present) that the project was abandoned and it is a one of a kind. But surely two other nice new ships in addition to the two added a couple months ago should fill your treat bags, right?

In any case, don’t eat too many chocolates or jumja sticks (chocolate jumja sticks… hmmm), and have a happy safe Halloween.

– Cam, Dark Mistress of Lore & Tech