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SUPER GARRETT – An homage to Mirror Universe Person Garrett Lovejoy

Mr. trouble never hangs around, when he hears this Mighty sound, Here I come to save the day!

That means that Super Garrett is on the way! Yes sir, when there is a wrong to right, Super Garrett will join the fight!

On the sea or on the land, He’s got the situation well in hand!

We know that when there’s danger, we’ll never despair; Because we know that when there’s danger he is there…

On the land on the sea in the air. We’re not worrying at all, We just listen for his call

“Here I come to save the day!” That means that Super Garrett is on the way.

When there is a wrong to right, Super Garrett will joint the fight

“Here I come to save the day!” That means that Super Garrett is on the way!

The above Song was created by the crew of the USS Elysium! And it is featured in this post:

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…

This Wonderful entry was written by Lieutenant JG Myne Redal & Captain Garrett Lovejoy [ Taylor]

Mission: Season 5: Episode 3: CAPETOWN
Location: Deck 6 Hallway
Timeline: MD 01 – Early Morning
2220 words – 4.4 OF Standard Post Measure

Alright, here’s the thing, researching Terran culture? Actually fun, Myne could not think of a reason why none of her former selves ever did this! Alright, erm, most of her former selves were not actually what one might call good people. So that might explain it, somewhat. On the other hand, Terran culture wasn’t really that special to her or any former iteration of herself.

However, current her, she had to admit that there was some merit to one of the most active and famous species in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. She was kind of glad that Commander, well, Captain Lovejoy gave her homework on Human culture.

The test never came, sure, but stuff happened. Which was kind of why the overworked, tired, dark circles around the eyes Trill was zombie walking more or less through the corridors of the ship.

Myne was wearing a loose shirt and comfortable pants, a pair of headphones, and her PaDD in hand, watching it intently and muttering to herself. Off duty and out for a relaxing walk, with no point or destination in mind.

Three things stood out though. First, the body of a flying Human, dressed in red and blue spandex, with a red cape on the front of her shirt. The man had the face of Captain Lovejoy and a photo of his face on the chest of the costume. The shirt had Super Garrett in bold letters on the back. And finally, there was an old-style cartoon playing on her PADD with the said figure.

Myne herself was muttering kind of a song as if trying to commit it to memory. “Daring man of mystery, Champion of right, Swoops out of the shadows, Super Garrett owns the night. Somewhere some villain schemes, But his number’s up. (3-2-1) Super Garrett (When there’s trouble you call SG)…”

Super Garrett that is Captain Lovejoy was coming down the corridor in the opposite direction and saw Myne walking towards him, muttering, singing? With headphones and a PaDD in her hand. He slowed his approach so he could hear what she was singing as he was naturally curious or maybe just plain nosy. As he got closer, he saw the dark rings under her eyes and her walk was more of a shuffle. Which led to him asking, “Lieutenant are you alright?”

For her part, the Trill was in a world of her own, eyes fixed to the cartoon playing on her PaDD. Episode four of the Super Garrett series. So, for better or worse, depends on perspective really, she did not hear a word that the Captain said. Instead, she kept shuffling forward muttering the theme song as she kept going. Reaching the good Captain she pumped a fist up in the air and actually said: “Super Garrett!” Louder, in tune with the chorus, almost hitting the much, much taller man, as she continued to shuffle and mutter.

Garrett was flabbergasted and shocked by Myne’s behavior all which was compounded as she called him “Super Garrett” and raised her fist in the air as she almost hit him but instead continued to keep shuffling down the corridor. Anxious as well as curious to get an answer to her behavior, Garrett spun on his heel and followed Myne up the corridor as she continued her muttering and glancing at her PaDD on occasion. Just what was she watching that had her so adsorbed? As he got closer it looked like a cartoon. Myne was focused on a cartoon?

With Super Garrett written on the back of her shirt in large bold letters, she pumped her fist in the air again for another “Super Garett!” Then the cartoon stopped. It was something from a few centuries earlier, with a fictional character called Superman, with Captain Lovejoy’s face instead of that of the character. As the cartoon stopped, Myne began to bite the nail of her right thumb and pressed a button on the PaDD. The device in her hand only looked as if at some point had been Starfleet tech, but it has clearly suffered numerous modifications. Starting to type quickly the cartoon was replaced with lines of code, which she began editing almost by reflex. After half a minute a new episode of the cartoon began playing. The young Trill was modifying old cartoons to change Superman to Super Garrett on the fly as each episode finished.

Garrett blinked at the back of Myne’s shirt and blinked again. *Super Garrett ?* He thought as he followed behind her getting a glimpse of the program she was watching and seeing his face replacing the face of the character. He didn’t know whether to be insulted or not but a small smile did come to his face as he appreciated Myne’s ingenuity. He also knew he was suitably intrigued to follow her along her journey like a loyal puppy dog and see where this all leads. As he followed her, he heard more of the words she was singing and it was a catchy little tune as he sang along. “Daring man of mystery, Champion of right, Swoops out of the shadows, Super Garrett owns the night. Somewhere some villain schemes, But his number’s up. (3-2-1) Super Garrett (When there’s trouble you call SG)…”

It seemed the character Super Garret had two fans.

Then it happened. Was she hearing things? Why was there a male tone to the song. Myne paused to video to focus and the song kept going, behind her. The turned she did was rather dramatic, well not really. It was slow, very slow, small step after small step until she was facing the tall Captain that was basically breathing down on her. Audibly swallowing her head leaned back as she looked up at him. And then all color just decided to go on vacation anywhere but on her face. Deadly pale, the exhausted workaholic Trill was really doing the best she could to make herself small enough to melt through the floor. And yet, as she opened her mouth to explain herself. “Super Garrett (Let’s get dangerous) Super Garrett (Better watch out, you bad boys) Super Garrett!”

Garrett stared down at Myne, his face a mask as she turned and blanched at seeing him looking back at her. (He hoped she didn’t faint) For several looooong seconds he didn’t say anything until he finally spoke, “Catchy tune Lieutenant, did you come up with it?” He asked , his eyes drifting to the PaDD still in her hand and the continued running of a episode of Super Garrett. “Care to explain? I know I would love to hear it.”

Raising the PaDD as a shield between them she swallowed hard. “Please don’t zap me or throw me in the brig! I can’t go back there again!” It did take a long second for the smaller Trill to remember she is an officer on a Starfleet vessel, so she relaxed just briefly. Still quite pale. “Erm… I, actually heard some rumors on the ship’s, erm, net and…” Trailing off and looking to the side to hide a guilty expression she continued. “I found it funny, and I was researching Terran, I mean Earth culture for the homework you gave me sir. And, one thing lead to another and I couldn’t, actually, stop from doing this.” She turned the PaDD to face him and started episode one of Super Garrett, which is basically Justice League Superman, in quite high definition and quality.

Garrett listened as Myne explained and squirmed as she finished he looked down at her. “Lieutenant, calm yourself, I have no intention of placing you in the brig or zapping you. ” He looked away for a moment and then back at her. “Rumors you say? Interesting.” But he didn’t press her for just what the rumors she heard were about though he had a good idea. “I’m glad you are enjoying Earth’s culture and it led you to your creation of Super Garrett, complete with a catchy tune. I am most impressed with your creativeness. Very well done. Perhaps in addition to your regular duties, you can be the ship’s morale officer. You seem to have the time and the talent for it.”

“You are not mad Captain?” She asked color returning to her cheeks and looking up at him dumbfounded. Myne was not expecting this. “Does this mean I pass your test or homework on Human culture thing?” The Trill asked with a hopeful tone before becoming really aware of her Super Garrett t-shirt and bringing her PaDD to cover the face of Super Garrett. “I, erm, don’t do really well with people sir. Won’t make a good morale officer I think. I get anxious when there are too many folks around me and I kinda shut down.” Myne explained nervously.

“I am decidedly not mad Lieutenant and yes you pass the test on Human culture.” Garrett replied with a laugh. He nodded as Myne explained her objections to being morale officer. “As you wish Lieutenant, I won’t force you and I don’t want you shutting down. However if you ever decide you want to give it a shot just let me know.” He paused and leaned forward just a tad, “One thing. If your going to wear a t-shirt with my face on it….get a better picture of me.”

“I can keep the shirt?” Myne asked again in disbelief before a mischievous smile set on her lips, raising her PaDD towards him. “Erm… Captain, can I get a few pictures now? The others in the Super Garrett fan club will be so jealous of me!! Or we can even schedule a photo op?! Oh that would be sooo cool, what do you say?!” The tired now turned hyperactive Trill asked with wide eyes, clearly excited at the prospect of making even better Super Garrett merchandise and content. Maybe she should not tell the Captain that she’s actually asking people for latinum or other precious things for these. Article 55 of the Rules of Acquisiton, ‘Take joy from profit, and profit from joy.’ and Myne is feeling really joyful right now. “You know what, I promise to think about the morale thing. How about you ask the other staff if that is a wise idea first sir.”

Garrett laughed. “Yes, keep the shirt. and take your pictures. Fan club? Never mind don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.” He told her with a sigh. “Lets hold off on the photo op for now okay? Tell you what, you think about the morale officer and I’ll think on the photo op. I’ll even consider asking the rest of the senior staff about you being morale officer.”

“Yay! Alright, I’ll think about it and you think about the photo op!” Myne exclaimed happily. “Plus not like the other senior officers are crazy enough to agree to this.” She concluded muttering to herself then looking up at him innocently and starting to take a series of pictures with her PaDD. From all possible angles. It took her two minutes to look satisfied with the results and have a wide smile on her tired face. “Thank you sir, this will be awesome! The others will be so freaking jealous!”

Garrett laughed at Myne’s exuberance as she took her pictures. “You might just be surprised Lieutenant.” He cautioned her. ” You are welcome. I am glad to be of assistance to you Lieutenant. Enjoy your Super Garrett TV show as well that you will be the envy of the others in the fan club.”

“What fan club?” The Trill asked winking at him. “And yeah, the Super Garrett series will be a smash hit on the ship, I just know it! And I am gonna be so popular in the fan… erm, book club!!” She chuckled and nodded, then yawned loudly. “Sorry sir, you kinda took me out of the zone and now fatigue is getting to me.”

Garrett waved her away. “Go get some sleep Lieutenant and have fun with whatever club you are in.” He said with a chuckle. He put nothing past Myne but if it made her happy and the crew as well and it didn’t hurt anyone. He was all for it.

“Thank you sir.” She yawned again and looked around them confused. “Erm, Captain. I do not know where I am right now. Mind, erm, directing me back to where my quarters are? I was not paying attention at all!”

“You are on deck six Lieutenant. I was on my way to the gym when I saw you shuffling along. Turn around and go to the turbo lift at the end of the corridor and it will take you back to deck eight where your quarters are.” Garrett replied helpfully.

Looking behind her towards the turbo lift, Myne nodded. “Yes sir. Thank you sir. Have fun working out. Remember, emr, that abs are in with the public and viewers!” Myne chuckled and started walking slowly and in a dizzy manner towards the turbo lift. Stopping to look back and salute with two fingers. “Thank you Super Garrett! Sir!” After that she went in and hopefully reached deck eight to actually crash to sleep.

“My pleasure Lieutenant, now go and get some sleep.” Garrett replied with a wave and a smile.