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With the American Turkey Holiday on the horizon, the USS Potemkin has much to reflect on and be grateful for in looking back over the launch and establishment of the sim. Like the very best of stories, her beginnings are simultaneously incredibly unlikely and yet so obviously inevitable a series of decisions. You know, like that uncoordinated ballet of tripping down stairs and some how impossibly landing on your feet! We’ve stuck the landing and are off to a great start thanks to the direction, aide, advice, and support of the community in Obsidian Fleet. Here are a few we would especially like to give recognition to, and among the shout outs, a couple of official OF ribbons.

“Words are easy, like the wind; Faithful friends are hard to find.”

-The Bard

Becca– Becca is the mastermind behind harnessing the TTRPG under Obsidian Fleet Simming, posting our sessions on the OF Fleetcast, and hosting our live session recording within the OF Discord channel in the beginning. Also the herder of not just kittens, but discord recording bots. With out her vision, dedication, and support, the table top play would definitely still be fun (let’s not kid ourselves) but would not be an OF Podcast feature/ OF ship simulation. We know we’re weird, but we had help from Becca! You can find her managing her own award winning sims: USS Atlantis & SS Mary Rose

Outstanding Volunteer Award for Becca
TBR wouldn’t be what it is without the unique vision of Becca! At the first inklings of a casual STA based game being shared between OF players, Becca jumped right on the concept but had more in mind than just a friendly weekend game, instead taking it a step further as an established fleet sim and a podcast feature! She had the foresight to record and produce the first few shows and had the staying power to support the sim every single recording date from March ’21 through Sept ’21 by making herself available to run the discord bots. She continues to be one of the foremost supporters to whom TBR owes much gratitude for the form it takes today! (nominated by Matt D. and Nikki and certified by Sepandiyar)

Sero – The keeper of her own TTRPG, Redgate and Wolf, Sero shares her knowledge and encouragement and advice with all things gameplay, sound editing, producing, and promotional. We love it when she chimes in on our discords and shares about the curious intersection of all things RPG and Podcasting!

Ben – Our first XO player, Ben was featured in several of our earliest episodes (TBR001, TBR002, TBR008) as Commander Kevin Mikhail and helped to support the launch of the game! He’s a very fun and lighthearted personality in the table top format and TBR benefited from his enthusiasm when getting started. Although he decided to leave us for a Saturday night social life, he remains an encouraging supporter and can be found aboard his own sim, the The Imperator/ Hood

Jill/ JillBn– Besides her regular encouragement and support in discord, Jill once joined us as our very first guest, playing Bajoran Science officer, Ens Lanet Joss in TBR008 . Check out her own sim at USS Mercutio

Sepandiyar– Serving as our TFCO, this is the guy who gets to put up with our fleet-side shenanigans and help figure out how to account for our confusingly “non-standard” RPG form among the rest of the fleet. He’s special to us, that’s why we give him so much hassle. Sep leads the fleet’s feature starbase RPG, Obsidian Command where TBR players often share posts as guests.

Jill/ Laylor– She’s helpful and insightful and TBR is pleased to have her support and encouragement. She also keeps very busy with the highly acclaimed and active USS Elysium

Paul/ Hawkins– A regular follower, Hawkins is genuinely interested in TBR’s growth and development and has played a role in hooking us up with two of our players, making him one of our top recruiters! Check out his own game at USS Arcadia

Recruitment Ribbon for Hawkins
By bragging on TBR: Potemkin in his circle of influence and actively arranging for interested persons to meet with the GM, Hawkins helped TBR to make new and meaningful connections and to expand our simulation. (nominated by Matt D. and Nikki and certified by Sepandiyar)

“Tis the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and to have her nonsense respected.”

-Charles Lamb