Task Force 47 Update – Welcome To The Home of Non-Trek Sims!

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Some of you may recall a little while back we announced that all the Prime Trek sims would be folded into TF72, freeing up 47 to allow non-Trek sims within the fleet.

We’ve finished updating the rules, the handbook and other back end stuff required for this to now go ahead! As of now, we will be taking applications for Non-Trek sims within the fleet, with a swanky new form just for applications for such sims. To kick off this bold new endeavour, we’re folding in Solar Force: A Power Rangers Simulation as our first non Trek sim, run by none other than TF47’s own Sim Group Manager, Oliver Lancaster.

What does this mean?

Weren’t you paying attention? It means that you can come in to pitch new sims outside of Trek. Fancy a Star Wars sim? Pitch it! An Andromeda sim? Definitely pitch that, Lancaster loves Andromeda as much as Terry loves Yogurt! Doctor Who? Why not?

Literally anything is fair game, provided you have a good enough idea for the sim.

What’s the process?

Well, there’s obviously the standard sim management application, or CO application, stuff. On top of this, the non-trek SM application form has a few other questions.

  • What is the sims premise? What’s your core concept? No more than 500 words for this one.
  • What fandom is the sim based on? This can be anything you can think of, we’re open to considering all ideas. Please include a link to the applicable wiki where possible, as we don’t have intimate knowledge of every fandom on Earth.
  • A link to the site (if your site is already up)
  • Any other notes, including if you plan on deviating from Established Canon.

Any applicant will need to complete the sim manager course (formerly known as CO Academy) if they haven’t since June 2020.

What are the rules?

Anyone can apply for a non-trek sim provided they meet the rules for applying for a command. However, if you are an existing sim manager, you must meet the requirements for Captain rank for 3 months leading up to the application date or resign their existing command.

Note that fleet rules allow for a maximum of 2 sim manager positions per player (subject to the above) across TF29, 47 and 72.

Any lore of the non-trek sim is the purview sim group manager, with the option to establish a shared universe between sims subject to a FC vote.


That’s pretty much it. We’ve now officially got our non-trek division and I look forward to moving forward in this endeavour with any applicants we may get, and to seeing the wonderful stories I know will come of this.