Character Spotlight- Dr. Alexander Artopolis

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Character Spotlight-
Dr Alexander Artopolis of the USS Potemkin


Both a man of science and a romantic at heart, Dr. Artopolis finds himself introspective when encountering nature or relating to his patients. He’s not content with the everyday prospects of love, but his eyes are dreamy with impossibilities of fantasy prospects.

While Dr. Artopolis’s writer, Will, initially described him as a “Cheap knock-off version of Dr. Bashir”, the character has really come into his own, thanks to Will’s wonderful live-time characterizations of his well-bred voice and bearing, and the way in which he is both somewhat a snobbish sibling and a dear heart. The subtleties come out in such moments as when he risks his neck to collect samples from a venomous alien landscape, stops a crewmember from being claimed by borg infection, reflects on his own losses to a borg attack on his colony, stirs up minnows at the shores of an alien lake to wonder at them, pays tribute to a derelict that must be destroyed by leaving some brown sugar (to recognize the struggles of those who died without more than protein rations), when he bickers with the chief engineer, or insists on saving the life of an enemy who has a bomb laced into his cardio vascular system…

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