Nominations – Character of the year 2021.

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Please see the nominations for Character of the year 2021.

Lancelot Quinn – Obsidian Command

Created with love and respect for the neurologically atypical, Quinn proves to be a very nuanced main character. With skillful writing, Paul demonstrates both Lance’s areas of giftedness and those capacities he almost completely lacks.
Quinn is a highly acclaimed Quantum Propulsion Engineer who has spent his career mostly on his own terms, until his world is upended when he agrees to make a home with his long distance wife and downgrade his career to the practical (and engineless) realm of station maintenance. He struggles with his purpose and the sacrifice of a field he loves, while being thrown into unfamiliar relationships and challenged to adjust to a less-than-ideal situation with his wife’s flailing health and career. Although Quinn wrestles with how to express himself and can come across calculating and judgemental, his internal well actually runs quite deep, for anyone willing to read past the outside.

Carl Hedley – USS Potemkin

Tom is the IC XO of the Potemkin. Given that his knowledge of Trek and Trek RPGs is next to nill he has thrown himself into it with gusto that i haven’t seen in many other in a while. He has stepped out of his comfort zone by making a charismatic character. He knows the rules as well, maybe better than I do. Tome also helps to lead the RPG in terms of moving the group forward, leading from the front with idea’s, questions and suggestions. He has, in my opinion proven himself to be a valued member of the Potemkin crew and we are lucky to have him.

Evahnae Kohl – SS Mary Rose

Honestly my favorite part about getting back into simming again has been meeting Serahni and her character Eva; some of the most enjoyable moments I’ve had on the Mary Rose have been with Eva and the relationship between her and my character Hiram is something that I’m genuinely excited for, even as it isn’t a romantic relationship. Sera is a highly flexible and creative writer that always comes prepared with a multitude of ideas, and Eva herself is a fascinating study on the dynamics of being a hybrid combined with more curious personality traits almost reminiscent of a Romulan (albeit, a Romulan that continually tries to start food fights?)

Hiram Maitland M.D. – SS Mary Rose

This character is not only extremely unique, the sheer amount of detail and crafting that has gone into the foundations that define him are nothing short of true mastery. He is a fascinating study, with a rich backstory, and his creator has an exceptional grasp on where this character sits in relation to the rest of the universe. It’s been very refreshing to write with someone who has such a strong handle on characterisation. Hiram has already made a considerable impact on the SS Mary Rose and I predict will continue to be a driving force of some of the sim’s most creative storytelling in the future.

Garrett Lovejoy – USS Elysium

Ever seen a character so hated they love to hate him? Sure you have. From Professor Snape to Loki, there are numerous. But this one, takes them all. I introduce you to Captain Garrett Lovejoy, Currently the Acting Captain of the USS Elysium. And believe me, he is a man most of the crew line up to hate. Such is the development of this character that he has gone from Antagonist to fictional superhero Super Garrett (See News Items on this) and is a constant source of songs, so much so that we have our own discord channel for them! Super Garrett has his own fan club, run by Lieutenant JG Redal, which you can join for 1 piece of Gold Pressed Latinum a month and you get you get a monthly Super Garrett Support Package!! For further details Contact Lieutenant JG Redal on the Elysium and Support CAPTAIN GARRETT LOVEJOY!

Sthilg – USS Elysium

When you first see our Chief Medical officer, you can be forgiven for wanting to run the other way, after all, a Gorn is not normal on Starfleet vessels. But for the Elysium, having a Gorn as their CMO, is par for the course. He runs our medical bay with an iron fist wrapped in lizard leather, or so it seems. Beneath that hard reptilian exterior, is a softy. One with a soft spot for children and babies. Out of Character, the player of our wonderful doctor engages with different players without there being a need for a medical exam without him, we would be lost for sure!

Miraj Derani – USS Elysium

Ensign Miraj Derani is the Elysium’s chief of Flight Control. Newly released from the Academy, on her first posting, this Officer has excelled in showing us her famous quirky side. From her pink pigtails to her sparkling personality, the Ensign has been active in all missions since she came aboard. Miraj is pretty much a puppy in human/boslic form, she’s enthusiastic and positive and perky. She doesn’t just love to fly, it comes to her more naturally than breathing. She didn’t just have the highest flying scores of her intake at the Academy but some of the highest scores in its history. Anything to do with flying came easily, instinctively, as if it was baked into her DNA. Miss Bouncy has been a wonderful officer and my only regret is that she constantly REFUSES to be promoted!!!!

William Gerhard – NX-05 Atlantis

Willian is perhaps the most interesting character that is aboard Atlantis. He has risen through the ranks from an enlisted man to that of an officer in a time where it was not at all easy. He is a complicated character that has really developed over the last year from the anger of feeling betrayed by the former armoury chief to the vulnerability wrote with other characters where he is slowly being hit with realisation, he does not need to just rely on himself. I always look forward to each of his posts. He is always ready willing and able to throw his character out there to help with the main plot or a sub plot.