Obsidian Fleet Valentines Day Spectacular – Winners

Written ByEhestri
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Wow, what an amazing bunch of writers we have here in Obsidian Fleet! Picking winners from the entries received was a difficult task, the quality of entries was so high. Originally we were only going to pick one outright winner, but such was the challenge of picking just one, on this occasion we thought we would share the top three entries.

Entry One: Hindsight Is A Beautiful Thing – NX-05 Atlantis
“It’s a sweet example of the secret long term relationship the armoury officer has with one of the communication officer. Bringing her tea, teasing each other, encouraging. It’s a healthy relationship despite everything that is going on from ship from the future and murder.”

Entry Two: Things are different now – USS Hiroshima
“A JP involving a PC who’s concerned about the future for two friends who’ve become romantically entangled. It depicts a believable conversation between two friends concerning love, relationships and the reality of commitment, how these are not always easy bedfellows and why being afraid to speak from the heart can undermine the relationship’s foundations.”

Entry Three: The Beach – SS Mary Rose
“It’s a perfect post between Nollel – the bride who tried to blow up SS Mary Rose to escape her wedding and Burnie – the Engineer who loves to blow up stuff given half an excuse. They are so well suited even if they have completely different occupations – Artist and Engineer. Its a beautiful post that defines their love, future and explores freecloud without moving away from one spot.”

Well done to this trio of submissions; it was honestly so difficult to pick between them! And thank you to all our various entries. We can totally feel the love!