Nominations – XO of the year 2021

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Please see the nominations for XO of the year 2021.

Calliope Zahn – Obsidian Command

When it comes to Executive Officer’s, Nikki sets the bar. Not to be satisfied with just leading the crew in-character, she single-handedly shepherds the players out of character, develop’s subplot lines to weave beneath the main story (to its compliment), and leads the posting counts. She sets the example for the other players, and for the CO as well.

There have been times during our tenure when the game has stalled. When players across the board have hit walls in their own simming life that leaves them without the will/drive to post. Nikki steps into that void and finds a way to breathe life into those players and to the game. During these times when many games fail, I can say with confidence that this game hasn’t because of Nikki’s intervention and dedication.

Elli-Navine – USS Potemkin

Nikki is my ooc XO. She has, since near the start taken care of the podcast aspect of the Potemkin, and she has done a wonderful job. She is enthusiastic and talented. They have thrown themselves into the RPG in a big way, always brain storming and trying to improve their own character, helping others learn more about their characters and helping me to make the Potemkin an incredible and fun RPG. Nikki is always willing to learn new skills and put them into practice as often as she can. She has to be one of the most active people in the fleet and I have been very lucky to have her by my side. Thank you Nikki

Gary Taylor – USS Elysium

Jeff plays Commander Gary Taylor on the USS Elysium. He is one of my longest serving team members since his joining the sim in early March 2017. He is, to my mind, one of the driving forces behind the Elysium’s success and drive. He has taken on dual roles IC which has helped the game grow. He encourages players to create joint posts, include new players and not so new players. He is a wonderful sounding board and that is both IN Character and OUT of character, though IC he is very stubborn around CO’s and away missions. A long time simmer he has the experience to be captain and I am honored to have him as my Executive Officer. This year his character has faced a few challenges around being looked over for the Captaincy of the Elysium and shunted sideways into the Diplomatic corps. He also took on the role of playing Garrett Lovejoy in a more active manner than the character being an occasional annoyance. Long Live Gary Taylor!

Samantha Leyton – NX05 Atlantis

It takes a brave person to take on such a unique simming concept but an either braver person to take on me as a commanding officer and Allison has done that. Atlantis has thrived under her assistance and leadership over the past year. She is a team player and very much a well loved part of my command team. The character of Leyton has suffered so much but is determined to make the best of everything and is wonderfully written. Thank you for all the support in 2021.

N’Garzi Zora – USS Athena            

Kieran was already stepping-up before the previous XO left midway through the year. As someone new to the role of sim leadership he’s jumped in with both feet, supporting the CO with planning and background running things, and made great strides in helping to push storylines forward.

He also brings a great sense of OOC fun to things too, as a welcoming force for new folks and generally helping us all stay upbeat and chatty in our discord channel.

Jake Ford – SS Mary Rose

He is always helping others, moving the story along, coming up with amazing mission scenarios and getting crew involvement. He is a wonderful sounding board and that is both IC and OOC- he has been a rock the last year despite his own stuff. A long time simmer and fellow Captain he has the experience and is very much the ying to my yang. I am honoured to have him as my Executive Officer and he is never allowed to leave.