Simming Prize Announcement

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Good Evening Everyone

It came to our attention today that we won an award that we believed was part of the 2021 simming prize. Unfortunately, it was from a group of people that were using the name after confliction with the main group.

We have spoken to both sides and find the whole sitution something that we would rather not be involved in. Whilst we appreciate the award and the fact they feel it was long overdue for our community we cannot accept it under the circumstances, it is a hollow win no matter how well-meant.

The second simming prize group gave us some lovely words which we want to share with you as despite the issues around the simming prize they meant it.

Celebrating their 20th anniversary in 2021, Obsidian Fleet has been a bastion of high quality role playing since its inception.  Fostering a close and connected community within, the club has also been active in the greater simming community for years through hosting major events like FallFest and Khitomer.  Its focus on the things that matter has led to long-term stability and created a model for others to follow.

Ehestri, Dulac, Sepandiyar