Lore and Technology Report, Mar. 2022

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Picard is tomey-whimey so we are going to hold off on any lore and tech from the series until the timeline is resolved, but we do have something to announce: It is an election year and campaigns are kicking off. Since a few people had expressed interest in taking part, there is now a UFP Government simm page where you can create a candidate. There’s even one in there as an example: our current UFP President who is running for a second term.

Since the OF site simm template is locked down we couldn’t change the titles on the character templates, so for ‘Pre-Service Biography’ enter a candidate bio (you can make it the press release kind or something as detailed as you wish) and under ‘StarFleet Service History’ please give party and talking points/campaign slogans and/or promises. Depending on how this works out, we may keep some of the characters around as members of the government, available as guest posters to drop into simms to annoy assist their constituents.

- Cam, Dark Mistress of Lore & Tech