Du Lac 47 Report – March 2022

Written Bylancaster
Published On

Hi there, and welcome to my TF47 report. Since we actually now have more than one sim, I thought I’d update the stats. I’m waiting on the link from DuLac for the Cult of DuLac site, however, since it’s creation yesterday, he has apparently amassed 41 players with a total post count of 620.18. Couple this with Solar Force’s 4 players and 9.82 posts last month, that makes for a TF total of 14 posts per player. A very well done to everyone, and all hail the supreme one! All hail Du Lac!

Now, with that said and done, let’s take a look at our goals for TF47 this quarter.

1. Total universal domination in the name of the supreme one.
2. Control of the world’s PS5 and Xbox Series X supplies.
3. Grow a beard as magnificent as Riker’s.
4. Own a hugging eagle!

I think you will agree, these are all great and noble goals moving forward. When they are accomplished, we will then set our sights on multiversal domination, and we are already in contact with our great and powerful counterparts from Earth-X and the Mirror Universe. They have already acquired their hugging eagles, and are helping us to locate ours, for only with that great hugging eagle of the galaxy can we control the Universe.

As you may have deduced by now, this is all one big April Fools joke. The Solar Force stats are the only legitimate part, the rest is building on someone else’s prank to a slightly insane conclusion. And my desire for a hugging eagle. Eagly is just so amazing!

So, until next time, may Riker’s beard portect you, and may the wings of an eagle hug you.