Vidal Fleet Yards Infested With Borg Nanites

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Strange reports have been coming out of the Ivaldi Star System over the past forty-eight hours. For two full days the station that orbits Ivaldi Three was under quarantine following an outbreak of an unknown disease that was affecting both the populace and the station itself. The USS Delaware reported receiving a signal from the station itself warning others to stay away, however, that signal was badly degraded according to mission reports from the Commanding Officer.

Now that the crisis has ended, however, we are able to report on what was going on aboard Vidal Fleet Yards. Days earlier the USS Becker towed the freighter Folkestone into dock after the freighter had suffered a string of mechanical failures and a crew illness. That condition quickly spread to the station and those living on board. Thankfully, the station’s transporter systems had been taken down earlier in order to fix an unrelated system malfunction.

One of our reporters that lives on Ivaldi Three was able to later catch up with Captain Neela Izal before she took the USS Becker and departed on an unknown mission. Kathryn Holtz was able to ask the Captain for a statement on what had happened:

“From what we’ve been able to tell,” The Captain explained, “A modified Borg nanite had been released onto the freighter Folkestone and then later onto the station. We’ve since been able to cure the problem using fungal spores from Ivaldi Three. I have no further comment or knowledge of where the nanites originated from.”

We were unable to gain further comment from any of the other senior officers from the station. At this time the station is undergoing repairs and from our last knowledge the USS Becker had a scheduled departure time only one hour following Kathryn’s brief conversation with the station commander. We’ve reached out to Starfleet Command, however, they have withheld any comment on the matter.

The station engineering crews are expected to complete repairs within the next few days. Starship traffic in the system has also returned to normal and repairs on the starships that are presently in drydock are expected to continue in the coming days.

Amanda Ferguson

Federation News Service