Lore and Technology Report, May 2022

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It is taking soooo much self-restraint to not talk about Strange New Worlds. But no spoilers until the season is available for everyone. I will hold off. I will. Really.

…Okay, one item, which is not a spoiler, I swear: Tricorders have a defibrillation function! Your tricorder can be an AED! (Yes, I play several medical types so I’m geeking out on this one).

Anyway, Now I will restrain myself from saying anything more about the series. In OF news, we are still open to political candidates, but feel free to invent your own for use solely on your simm (there’s always some relatively unknown politico who can still cause all sorts of disruptions). Plus, we have our first Senate candidate and I have it from reliable sources that we should have a very interesting campaign speech to share as featured post soon.

- Cam, Dark Mistress of Lore & Tech