Jared Rosado – Campaign Speech

Written ByAdamya_Ryon
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Jellico Plaza, Minos Korva (FINS) – The cheers from supporters and well wishers rang loudly as Jared Rosado took the stage at the latest rally from the Sons of Cheron.  Captain Rosado, as he is known by his supporters, spent twenty years as an officer in Starfleet.  Forged by the hardships of growing up in the former Cardassian DMZ, Rosado was among the first class to graduate Starfleet Academy in a post-Dominion War era.  He spent a career along the frontier, battling hardship along the border before finally earning his Captain’s pips in the Operations Center of Starbase 621.  Giving it all up to begin a career in another battlefield, Captain Rosado traded his Captain’s pips for the nomination to run for Minos Korva’s Senator to the United Federation of Planets.

The day had been filled with other speakers, including representatives and party officials from the sector as well as other far flung regions of the Federation.  As the speaker introduced the Captain, the crowd pushed forward to catch a glimpse of the hopeful Senator.  Rosado made his way toward the podium to the roar of applause generally reserved for sporting events.  While speaking to the capacity crowd in Jellico Square, Captain Rosado spoke to the people of the United Federation of Planets.

“Fellow citizens of the Federation, I come to you today not as a Starfleet Captain.  Nor do I want to dictate morality from a far away high tower.  I come to you as one of you.  I come to you as the child who grew up on the wrong side of the treaty that was signed in 2370.  I come as the soldier who saw things that no one should ever have to see, the horrors of the Romulan frontier and the aggression of Cardassian separatists.  I’ve watched the reports of friends and fellow citizens who died on Mars in order to save an ungrateful enemy.  I’ve held the hand of a dying ensign as he lamented a home that he would never see again.

Was this suffering a needless death the consequence of laying down one’s life to the greater good of the Federation?  No, each of these deaths did not bring safety to you.  They were not proud soldiers making their last stand against an overwhelming force.  They were people just like you, ordered to the slaughter so that one corrupt government with little to no legitimacy could cling onto whatever power they could muster.  In some cases, those lives were sacrificed in order to save the very people who put the knife to our throat in the first place.  Do you think the Romulans would offer amnesty and aid to us if Sol were to go supernova?  Would the Cardassians have shown us mercy if the Dominion would have prevailed in the war?

How many of your worlds have fallen on hard times?  To those along the border, who came to you in your time of greatest need?  Was it Starfleet, or did you have to rely on vigilante groups such as the Maquis or Fenris Rangers?  That ends today.  Not a single Federation colony or frontier should have to suffer because politicians on Earth find themselves too concerned with being the quadrant police force.  The Sons of Cheron remember the founding principles of our Federation.  Born from the Earth-Romulan War, the United Federation was founded by Earth, Andoria, Vulcan, Tellar Prime with the understanding that collectively each member world would stand stronger together than apart.  That each member would contribute to the collective defense, economy, and scientific progression.  However, we have fallen short of those nobel goals.

When I turned in my pips and resigned my Starfleet commission, I did it because I truly believed that I could make a difference.  I am seeking your vote because I want to be a voice for the forgotten.  When will Minos Korva get improved infrastructure, a more reliable irrigation system?  When does Bajor’s farmland reclamation project finally get the resources it needs to finish?  Betazed still displays the scars of the Dominion occupation.  Mars still burns from the synthetic uprising.  When will we fulfill our promise to aid our member worlds?  After we build the Romulans a new planet?  After Cardassia Prime gets a facelift?  After our puppet Klingon family strengthens their grip on the Empire?  It is time to let your voice sound in the Senate Chambers of the Federation.  Do not be forgotten.  Vote for me and I will dedicate my life and my abilities to you, just as I did for Starfleet.  Thank you.”