Task Force 47 | June 2022

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As this is my first monthly report as Task Force Commanding Officer of 47, I’d like to start off by saying thank you to all of Obsidian Fleet as a whole. I know most really didn’t have a say in who took this position, but still, I truly believe that it’s a joint effort in many ways, primarily with how awesome you all are and how well we all enjoy ourselves, laugh, write, butt heads and yet still come together to support one another.  I may have the title but that doesn’t change that we are still here for one another and to make this community as enjoyable as any other designed to be made for a small get away.

That being said, we move on to seeing Ben step down from this position. I came in Obsidian Fleet with Gladiator under his banner and worked well with him. I looked up to him and he showed his mad skills as a leader. I want to personally thank him because he and David were the voices that supported me. Taking Ben’s spot as TFCO is an honor and privilege. He isn’t going anywhere as he is staying with us as an administrator of the Red Ranger of our Power Ranger Simulation. Its running smoothly and we look forward to seeing it grow. Thanks once again. 

And finally to our TF72 CO Rear Admiral Yoshi Minawara of USS Vesta, I am not leaving as a player, but I have to step down as his TFXO. I want to say thank you deeply in giving me that chance in the position, and being able to reach out to those COs and players in a more neutral position between Fleet Leadership and player. It was very eye opening and shared a unique perspective of both sides. This stepping stone lead to advancing into the Fleet Council, where I hope to be able to help more advancement for the fleet personnel as a whole. Thank you once again!

That being said, this new position I hope to resolve issues, advance programs, and help others to advance both their writing and leadership skills in this unique community we have. But most of all, promote us all having fun. I know this is all long winded, mainly because I listen to military commanding officers jabber on like this, so I guess I picked up the same. So we can skip down to the next area 😛 OH and yeah… I kind of copied Admiral Minawara’s report layout… Sue me…

Arrivals, Changes and Departures

Stargate Command – Stargate Alternate Reality simulation 


Our current numbers: 

Active Sims: 2

Open Commands: Open to New Applicants

RIO: 0

47th Recruiting Listing

Solar Force

(Power Ranger Simulation)

  • Not Actively Recruiting

Stargate Command

(Stargate Simulation)

  • SG1 Team Member
  • SG2 Team Member
  • SG3 Team Member


Hopefully we will see more growth and positions to fill.


No pending promotions this month. 

Unit of Merit

As you know, we only have two simulations in our Task Force, meaning Unit of Merit can only be given out to one Simulation as I can’t nominate my own simulation. Doesn’t seem right. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean I can’t hand it out. 

So as this SIM hasn’t been nominated, I’d like to do that as my first act. Solar Force has been running smoothly for several months as Obsidian Fleet’s first non Trek Simulation. And to be honest, this is well past due to be announced and recognized. Taking the monumental advancement, and with a franchise that I honestly didn’t expect to flourish, has done just that. With a great leader and awesome crew, its quite honestly a great SIM and small community to lean on and look up to for future SIMs both Trek and non Trek alike. Congratulations!


June has been hot, and yet quick to come and go (along with the rest of 2022). I wanted to give everyone a heads up that I will be going on LOA for a short bit in September/October for the birth of my daughter. I know you all know where to go to but when the time comes closer, I’ll assign more clear steps if and when I need the assistance. Until then business as usual. 

If you are looking for a guest, or any help with your writing, please reach out to either myself or others around as we are all here to help out one another. Goodbye June, hello July! Should you have questions or concerns, you may reach me via email at [email protected] or on Discord. Thank you, and get back to simming!