Jess O’Lee Must Die! The Halloween Writing Contest

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Hello Obsidian Fleet! It’s du Lac here with this year’s Halloween Writing Contest, and boy it’s a fun one …

This year, we’d like you to write about the unfortunate death of Jess O’Lee. Jess is an unfortunate victim of multiversal foul-play as Halloween approaches and the wall between the various dimensions breaks down.

That’s the total brief. How they die is up to you, though given it’s Halloween, I’m sure you can come up with something suitably spooky & gruesome.

The Prize …

Beyond eternal recognition? The awesome NanoWriMo Writing Bundle!

The details …

  • Closing Date: 10th November
  • Open to everyone on every game in the Fleet
  • Minimum length of 500 words

To Enter …

Get writing!