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Bowie Change

So err, you might be looking at the site and going “OMG du Lac’s been busy!”. Yes, yes dear reader I have.

First thing you’ll note is an entirely new, refreshed look throughout the site. We’ve replaced and rebuilt nearly every single component.

So, the new look front page …

lot brighter, more colourful …

Entirely rebuilt, using modern techniques, looks great on a mobile phone too!

We’ve also spruced up a few other places, like the games pages …

Taken from a test version, final version may slightly vary

Games ratings are now on the 1-3 RPG Rating scale, genre and type are prominent, as is the crew manifest. There’s a new place for logos and also … customisable cover art!


Game masters can also add in updates on their game pages in the backend so they can keep current and future players informed on what’s going on in their games.

We’ve also changed characters …


There’s also a few other party pieces hidden in the site, but they deserve a mention of their own so that’ll come over the next few days.

Welcome to IFS … version 3.