Task Force 47 – March 2023 Report

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A platoon of ensigns entered what used to be the office of one Major General Richard Lockhart, carrying boxes and … what looked like.. clothing. Behind them, Commodore Phoenix Lalor-Richardson, entered and stepped up to the desk and brought up the comms system.

“It is with sadness that we announce that Major General Richard Lockhart, Task force Commanding Officer has resigned his post to go fishing with General Jack O’Neill. Business continues as normal. However, please direct all concerns to the following email [email protected] for the foreseeable future.” She disconnected the comm. and smiled faintly towards her aide, “That works well for me, as I need the extra space for my clothes.”


Here in Task Force 47, we don’t just specialize in Trek sims. In fact, we don’t even have them. We are Obsidian Fleet’s all new, all different Task Force, dedicated to those sims that don’t fit the traditional mold of a Trek simulation. Those sims that aren’t Trek at all.

We’ve started with Solar Force: A Power Rangers Simulation, and now have X-Men Simulation – AVALON… soon to be many more. Star Wars? On the table, grab your lightsaber and load your Astro droid into a starfighter! Stargate? Dial her up! Harry Potter? Grab your trolly and run at that barrier between platforms 9 and 10! Marvel? Well, all I have to say is Avengers…. Ah, gotcha! You thought I was going to say it!

So, come on in, grab a chair and get writing in the all new, all different Task Force 47. The only limit is your imagination!

Arrivals, Changes and Departures

Stargate Command – Stargate Alternate Reality simulation – Departure


Our current numbers: 

Open Games: – TF47 has as many open games as you have ideas!

  • Number of Active Games:  2
  • Number of games in Shakedown: 0
  • Number of players: 14
  • Number of posts: 118.62
  • Voice hours: 0.0
  • Number of posts per player*:8.47

47th Recruiting Listing


  • Not Actively Recruiting


  • Not Actively Recruiting


So March 2023 is now passed and we look forwards to the Easter break! Have a great April!