Joint Fleet Report – Q1

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The Highlights!

Survived the first three months of 2023 – pretty proud of this one been a bit touch and go at points. Be kind.

Helped organise Khitomer with Aio, Greenfelt and the folks over at Pegasus Fleet

Dulac became a GM again. Both game and GM are proud of his creation involving space-time anomalies and dwarves.

Ehestri has started only drinking decaffeinated coffee.

Sepandiyar is at 55% Britishness

Group Director Changes

With Hawkins stepping back to being a Game Master again it has left Task Force 47 without a Group Director. With the 47 being so small at the moment with it being the smallest and newest group, Lalor has graciously agreed to become Group Director for Task Force 29 and 47. It is a perfect place for Lalor to work her magic as both have the same joining process so if you are a non-prime star trek universe game idea she is your person to speak to now.

Thank you very much Lalor.


IFS3 underwent more upgrades this quarter. The big one is we’ve finally relaunched the My IFS page. When you login, you can now see your characters, chapters, and any news and Database Articles you’ve created. You can also edit any of these, and add new ones – all without going into the backend of WordPress to do it!

There was also some really boring technical stuff which could’ve broke things badly, but suffice to say it worked and you probably didn’t notice it. In the words of Dulac Himself …

“The character and game posts were moved from post_meta into their own discrete tables and routing put in place to make sure it’s invisible at the frontend.”

“We changed the cloudflare routing protocols so that the static page views are entirely served from the edge network. This’ll make it significantly quicker for people globally as it means a lot less load on the server and also the stuff you want to see is closer to where you live, rather than being served from our servers in Europe”

“We moved our search functionality off-server to WordPress’ ElasticSearch servers. It’ll be faster and better searching”

If you’re interested in this boring stuff, please ask him. Saves our fingers.

Dulac has promised that the next thing he’s working on is a player app form. This of course means he’ll probably get distracted and write something completely different.

Community Spotlight

The Comms team have worked overtime to secure some really awesome interviews with some of the fan artists supporting the Picard showrunners to bring their vision to life. Check out the first two with Pundus and Jetfreak-7.

Two new Star Trek games launched – The USS Gwydion in TF72 and the USS Harbinger returned to the fleet after a several year absence, now in TF29 and set in the distant future.

We’ve also got an awesome post spotlight from Obsidian Command and another from Solar Force.

X-Men: Avalon launched, fell into The Knot, and is having a press conference because stuff’s been blowing up … Maybe …

The USS Mercutio has become our first game to move from Nova to exclusively using IFS3.

Questions and Answers

If you have a question for the fleet council and do not want to ask it or do not know which member to go to please just pop it on the form and we will answer it in our report each month.

We have had no questions this report.

Until next month everyone. Happy Simming!

Sepandiyar, DuLac & Ehestri