Avalon Institute: Supporting Terrorists or Saving the Future? Press Conference Set to Reveal All!

Written Byrottenemu
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NEW CRESTHILL,  September 27th, 1992 – Exclusive! Shockwaves hit the nation as secret ties between mysterious Avalon Institute and already notorious anti-human terrorist group, the Sherwood Rangers, are exposed! Information that was shared with this publication reveal the institute is more than just an ally to the mutants claiming to fight for a sovereign nation, they may actually be pulling the strings behind the scenes.

These revelations follow an explosive crescendo to the closing week, the quiet town of New Cresthill was thrown into chaos as a giant militarized robot, linked to the controversial privately funded Mutant Registration Database from the USA, some have linked the design to visionary engineer Bolivar Trask. The mechanical marvel was spotted allegedly attacking a young mutant, who was on his his way to the Institute. What was supposed to be a routine apprehension turned into a full-blown battle, with massive collateral damage to the New Cresthill station and train tracks. This was caused due to a group of vigilante mutants, including suspected members of the Sherwood Rangers, intervening in the search and recovery mission protocol of the Sentinel.

The incident has left many wondering if New Cresthill is safe from both pro- and anti-mutant extremists, and has sparked widespread speculation about the true nature of Avalon Institute’s involvement with the Sherwood Rangers. Don’t miss our live coverage of tomorrow’s press conference where all will be revealed and our journalists will endeavour to unearth the truth that the secretive Avalon Institute doesn’t want you to know!