Star Trek: Picard S3, The Fleet and You

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Picard Season 3’s dropping all around the world so I, du Lac, are here to remind you of some things.

Shit will happen in Picard S3. Things will inevitably change the way the Prime Universe goes.

There may be new shiny magical ships or technology deployed. We will oooh and ahh.

The Odyssey Class is actually Canon now. This is a good thing.

It may even get renewed!

However …

There’s appropriate forums for it on Discord for discussion. Don’t splurt it out in the general channels.

These super revelations that Change The Way We Think Of Prime may, or may not, be incorporated into TF72’s Canon.

The Tech May or May Not Be Prototypes, One-Offs, or Gimmicks That Power Plot.

Alternatively, the whole lot may just go boom in some timey-wimey incident that resets Jean-Luc back to 2384 where he’s scratching his arse as an Admiral wondering about life when he retires and the Hobus star looking a bit dodgy.

With all that in mind, please don’t come asking if we’re incorporating event X, tech Y, ship Z into TF72. We won’t make any decisions on anything until well after the shows finished, the boxed set is out and people are wondering where Prime goes next.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy this show. Critics reviews are rather good so far, so let’s hope it’s as good as they say.