Sherwood Rangers Steal Priceless Roman Relic: Experts Fear It May Be Lost Forever!

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Bristol, Tuesday, October 26th, 1992 – The Bristol Museum became the site of a daring heist when three people pretending to be Lady Windsor and her entourage walked in and made off with a priceless Roman spear, also known as a Pilum. This particular artefact was forged from Celtic Gold. According to witnesses, the perpetrators used their mutant powers to manipulate the museum staff into simply handing over the artefact.

Sources close to the investigation have revealed that the individuals responsible for the theft are believed to be associated with the Sherwood Rangers, a group of radical mutants targeting political targets in an endeavour to establish a sovereign mutant nation on the British Isles. One of the suspects has possibly been identified as the enigmatic ‘Robin Hood’ himself, a shadowy figure who has been linked to several high-profile pro-mutant acts of violence and terrorism, something that reached a crescendo when just last month the group bombed a conservative party building and shared their manifest with the world. One of the women appears to be escaped fraudster Heather R., who was sprung from her maximum security cell and disappeared over two years ago. The identity of the other women involved in the heist, who is seen on CCTV to punch a door out of its hinges with her bare hands, remains a mystery.

The Sherwood Rangers, a known group of mutant radicals, have not yet claimed responsibility for the heist, leaving the public to wonder what the purpose was of this theft, and what other nefarious acts they might be planning.

Meanwhile, this brazen theft has reignited the debate over the controversial Mutant Registration Act, with some government officials calling for the legislation to be revisited. Although the act was previously shot down by parliament as being unconstitutional in the early 70s. Some in the newly elected Tory government now argue that it may be a necessary step in order to better protect the public from these dangerous mutant criminals and terrorists.

Prominent Mutant institute Avalon was not available for comment at the time of publishing.