Weekly Spotlight : USS Elysium

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As we mentioned in the communication report and as well as GMs know any ship that had signed up will get a chance at having a sim spotlight and a week with them social media highlight. 

This week it is USS Elysium. Let’s hear it from the GM herself. 

Brief Outline of your game and theme

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky, They’re all together ooky, The crew of USS Elysium!! Okay so that doesn’t work really but it’s the gist of this wild and wacky crew! We do not fit the mould of the normal sane crew, we are a ship of brilliant minds with crazy personalities who all function extremely well under pressure. 

We are a TF29 sim thus do not follow normal cannon, so Romulans still have their home world and Mars is still thriving. We welcome anyone crazy enough to join us!

Current Mission

Season 6: Episode 2: Survival

With the ship damaged and the crew finding themselves stranded light years from home, they have evacuated to the planet below, while repairs are made on the ship. The camp is set up in ice caves and supplies are being hunted for. Due to the limited Oxygen on the ship, crew will be rotated to the ship to make repairs in teams. While they repair the ship, the crew also explores the planet

Favourite Post in the last three Months?

Sunrise- The First Day

This post, written by one of our Marines, gives us a wonderful view of a crew member’s fist day on planet ice ball and how the current crisis is affecting them.

Favourite thing about your game?

My crew! I love my crew and their wonderful ideas!

Open Positions

Chief of Science


Assistant Chief of Flight

Assistant Chief of Science

Assistant Chief of Engineering

Assistant Chief of Medical