Ship and Technology Report | Aug23

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This is a little bit of a different report from me! So, let’s open with a bit of recap from this department. 

A while back Director Cam and I split the Technology and Lore role in half, allowing me to help with functions like ships. This freed up more of Cam’s time to focus on Lore and in general supporting the fleet where needed. In this role I have been responsible for a lot of the ships you know. The California, Inquiry, Curiosity and Reliant are all projects I got the chance to spearhead. If you didn’t know, I also recently had a tasking group put together to finish adding 13 new or modified ships the fleet. We unveiled this at Obsidian Day this year, where the collection of ships was discussed and our reasoning for the selection included. 

But, in summary, I wanted to publish that all ships are officially added, and now available, along with a new and updated ship matrix to more actively reflect the goals of the fleet moving forward. You can find the updated index included in this report. 

A quick note, not all of these are on the website already, and some are still in the process of fulling reviewed and finished. As they get added, I will keep you up to date! Those that are added, are hyperlinked here. 

Without further due, here is a list of the new ships, and a quick description for you to think if it might be a good fit for you. 

New Ships

  1. Alita
    The Alita will serve as a stepping stone up to the larger carrier that is the Ascension. If your Captain has been a fighter pilot in the past (or perhaps was a Marine and changed over…?) this is the ship for you!
  2. Constitution-III
    The new hero ship of Star Trek! The Titan-A/Enterprise-G from Season 3 of Picard. We had a lot of interest in this ship, and we tried to make it feel like the explorer that it was positioned as. And no, you cannot have the stolen cloak. 
  3. Duderstadt
    This ship fills a real weird role. It’s shown to be a cruiser of sorts, but it functions as a heavy survey ship. So we blended the two together in what we hope is a functional if odd looking ship, with some Obsidian Fleet Lore to give you a powerful new ship to try out. 
  4. Edison
    The Steamrunner’s replacement, a great little ship if you are looking for something with teeth. 
  5. Echelon
    A patrol ship with some special tools. Look for these patrolling the edges of Federation space, and use them to make the support vessel that join you in your epic battle scenes. This is the ship for the Captain looking for something unique to replace the Defiant. 
  6. Excelsior-II
    Originally we were going to release the Obena class, but seeing the Excelsior-II we have come up with a canon that saw all of those upgraded to the new Excelsior-II standard, and the new ships being build at this level. We plan to retire them in 2650. 
  7. Gagarin
    The Gagarin is a ship I am super excited about the canon we have created. This ship is a tough fighter, meant to dish out punches and take them with little to slow it down. Take this ship out if you want something different from the Prometheus! 
  8. Nova-II
    This is an updated Nova class, what has always been affectionately been called the “Rhode Island” class. Modernized sensors and systems, with survivability incase it gets tossed into the Delta Quadrant. 
  9. Parliament
    Look out for these filling the role of Engineering support ships. Maybe you need repair and a pair of these are putting you back together. If you want to play the support role, and fill the second contact role, maybe this is the ship for you. 
  10. Pathfinder
    The Pathfinder is the replacement for the Intrepid. Canonically it introduces a bunch of new and exciting technology to the ships of the Fleet. Looking to run an intelligence focused sim? This is the ship for you. 
  11. Ross
    After the success of the Sovereign, but the loss of the Galaxy as the forefront, the Ross was introduced. As a Galaxy with Sovereign era technology, she fills the role of diplomatic ship and explorer. Expect to host a lot of banquets. 
  12. Sagan
    This was the Stargazer we saw in Picard Season 2. A capable frigate and a powerful science vessel. It features and early fleet connectivity system that will become the bane of our existence in 2402. 
  13. Sutherland
    The Nebula was always an odd ship, filling a role as a bit of a cruiser and sensor ship. The Sutherland leans heavily into the sensor role, and acts as not only a long range sensor vessel, but as a mobile science laboratory. If you plan to map nebulas and study quarks, this is the ship for you. 

New Ship Matrix

Command and BelowCaptainCommodore and Up
-Nova-II (Nova Refit – Rhode Island)
All Lt. Cmdr. and Cmdr. +
All below ranks +

*Limited availability