Task Force 29 – 2023 EOY report

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Task Force 29's July 2023 Report - Job updates and progress.

🎶🎵🎶No more champagne
And the fireworks are through
Here we are, me and you
Feeling lost and feeling blue
It’s the end of the party
And the morning seems so grey
So unlike yesterday
Now’s the time for us to say

Happy New Year
Happy New Year🎶🎵🎶

Yes, Happy New Year and here is to 2024


Open Games: – TF29 has as many open games as you have ideas! We have held stable at our 3 games this year with the hope that 2024 will bring us more friends to play with and more wonderful games for our Task Force.

  • Number of Active Games:  3
  • Number of games in Shakedown: 0
  • Number of players: 37
  • Number of posts: 132.44
  • Voice hours: 5.65Hrs
  • Number of posts per player*:3.57


NX-05 Atlantis – Come and Visit our ENT Era Vessel and catch up on their wonderous adventures!

USS WABI SABI – Our Unique Tabletop game, which melds their adventures between RPG, Voice and Writing!

USS Elysium – The crazily large vessel that charts its own course against canon and enjoys it immensely!

OH look Open Commands – Yes we have numerous open commands, as many as people who have imaginations! We here in the Task Force 29, spans the corners of all Space & Time. From our Home in Department Q, the Task Force Command Team, under the guidance of Commodore Lalor-Richardson, watch over the timestreams and Alternative realities, while eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate.

Your Brand new game could span Different Times, Different Worlds, Different Universes! The possibilities are endless! If you are interested in a command here email: [email protected] or message me on discord! I so want to help those CO’s who wish to join this TF, we are a warm and fun loving group.

Please note that the below character does NOT exist in Department Q by Order of the Commodore.