Obsidian Fleet celebrates Pride

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As we have previously celebrated STEM and the characters around the fleet who are beacons of science, technology, engineering and maths we thought in June we would celebrate Pride and the LGBTQ+ characters who enrich our universe.

Star Trek’s legacy is not just about exploring strange new worlds or seeking out new life forms. It’s also about promoting values that prioritise inclusivity and acceptance above all else – Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.

We first and foremost want people to know that Obsidian Fleet is a safe space for everyone and anyone but a few Game Masters have put some characters together to celebrate.


A character who’s sexuality doesn’t define him, but sure as hell doesn’t help with the rumors, in comes Cornelius Warner. Sure, he may have been a Starfleet Officer in a past life, but now he runs The Silver Tongue on Haumea. It is a hopping bar that has been subject to many a-treatment, including the stereotypical high fantasy tropes! Cornelius is our cool brewmaster hipster (but don’t let him hear me call him that), and makes good friends and an even meaner brew. But he (as well as David) has become a staple on the colony. From nearly causing a heart attack with the medical staff’s poison control to helping the Captain (camp) suss out further locations for the colony’s growth, his pansexuality is one of many traits that help the diversity of character on the simm (and it helps David is one of the most open players and AGMs ever).


Claire Cavendish,

A strong believer of Love is Love, hippie to the bones, and long time fighter for LGBTQI+ rights (since they have such strong bonds with the Mutant community)


Kateyo Fenn.

An NPC of Athena’s dear XO and the instigator of mischief himself. There’s a saying that you haven’t officially joined Athena until you’ve shared your sonic shower with Teyo. He’s a pillar of the ship’s lower decks community, and even the word ‘pride’ doesn’t do this bisexual menace justice


Both writers of Captain Samuel Woolheater and Consul Andrinn Orin have approached their relationship realistically – No spontaneous LOVE YOU’s and such, they have built their relationship IC and we are looking forward to their IC Wedding in the coming Missions. They were to marry in the current but chose due to IC issues (Sam ended up in the brig) to delay it. They are open about it. Its not questioned ic or OOC on Elysium, as they are accepted and we love reading their love story as it grows.