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Daydreamer. Wordhacker. Find me on: Obsidian Command as Calliope Zahn, Hiroshima as Briar Elin, Or tune in on ObsidianCast's "To Boldly Roll" and hear me on the Potemkin as Elli-Navine!


Potemkin Gives Thanks

With the American turkey holiday on the horizon, the USS Potemkin has much to reflect on and be grateful for in looking back over the launch and establishment of the sim.

unit eagle

Post Spotlight – USS Eagle

Stepping away from the daily grind aboard ship, Eagle’s Chief Helm Officer, Maximillion Schott, ends up looking into some local culture and getting more than he bargained for! The reader will find an especially engaging described visual spacial effect of the statue at the center of attention, and some enjoyable storytelling concerning local history and misdeeds, unforgotten.