Obsidian Rule Revision Update

Written Bydulac
Published On

On 29 July we announced that Obsidian Fleet would be looking for dedicated players to become part of a unique opportunity, to rebuild the Fleet Rules from the ground up.

I’d like to provide a quick update and a final reminder for those who would be interested in taking part.

Concept: The current rules as they are have become outdated and fragmented.  Some see them as messy and having too much bureaucracy to serve the fleet in a functional and rational manner.  This project team will read and review each individual section, including all former Measures (rescinded or not), Code of Justice and the Fleet Constitution.  They will then create a document that will flow naturally, be easy to read and understand, fulfil the requirements of both Players and Fleet to ensure all applicable rules are met and clearly laid out. 

On 20 August the application form will close down and all successful candidates will be contacted inviting them to the dedicated OneDrive folder for this project.  If you are interested then please apply through this link.

We will also have additional project teams coming in the very near future, keep an eye out on our news items and promote them to everyone, they are open to all members of Obsidian Fleet!