Task Force-72 July Report

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July has come and gone and yet the heat index/feels like temperature here at home is well over 100F everyday. C’mon November and cooler weather…for Florida that is.  The past month was exceptionally busy fleet and task force-wide.  We have  a new website and consolidated area to call home for us all.

  • The CO of the USS Mercury, Captain Zaedra Rionuj Ch’Anidem, resigned towards the end of last month.  It was an unfortunate lose as the I had high hopes for the sim, but sometimes RL gets in the way.
  • The  USS Draconis has a new CO in, Lieutenant Commander Yuri Koloff.  Please welcome the new Master and Commander of the Galaxy-Class vessel.

Along with the many announcements on Obsidian Day, the new position of Task Force Executive Officer was made public.  The Command Team of TF-72  are pleased to announce that the Peacekeeper’s first TFXO will be that of Commodore Jacinto Eriksen, of Starbase Protector.  The Commodore has served as Task Group 72-C’s TGCO for going on 4 years and has the full trust and respect of his peers and fellow players.

This leaves a vacancy for a TGCO of 72-C, the White Wolves.  After a long and discussion, it seemed proper to have the Senior Ship Commanding Officer of the Task Group C, whom has served in that role for almost four years, to step up and take the role of the Task Group CO.  It is with with great pride to have Captain Raymond Wulfe of the USS Asgard, as the newest member of the 72 Command Team and wish him well with heading the White Tigers.  Captain Wulfe has been an active CO for over 5 years and we look to have him use his many years of experience in guiding TG72-C forward into the future.

The Peacekeepers have had a busy month internally and. I do have a couple other promotions before signing off.  It is with great honor and distinction that I promote these 2 CO’s to the rank of Captain, with all the rights and privileges thereunto:

  • Captain Marcab Revati Strongfellow, Stabase-249
  • Captain Anatrie Kheim, USS Shanghai

Congratulations, Captains.

Moving forward, if anyone at anytime has ideas, suggestions, recommendations, please contact any of the TGCO’s, Commodore Ericksen, or myself.  All complaints go to Commodore Eriksen!